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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

 4 rounds for time:

25 OHS
75 Double Unders
Coach’s notes:  Guys weight for OHS is 95 lbs and gals 65 lbs.  bar must be taken from the floor for OHS.  Post time to complete to comments. 
Compare to  October 2, 2009

Comments: 11

20:17 as Rx’d

35:24 as Rx’d
Thanks for the push Laura, I didn’t think that I would get past the first round as rx’d

My Santa ass REALLY needed that workout as I’ve struggled with saying no to kindly offered cookies and drinks…21:41 as rx’d. Happy to be done! Thanks for the coaching Laura! Nice work by everyone. That was hard.

30:15 as rx’d. Tough…

27:58 as rx’d
first round felt ok but the next 3 were painful
Thanks Laura

I think that the alcohol and sugar of the last few days don’t help on a workout like this unfortunately.

That was interesting, 38:xx. Glad its over.

OHS make my left arm go numb, but today was extremely cruel with DUs thrown in. DUs in first round went really well and after that took about 3x as long with lots of singles and failures. Left arm just wouldnt budge.

Thanks Laura

14:58 as rx’d ….OHS unbroken in round 1 and; round 3 and 4 (10, 10, 5)…OW!!!
DU’s average at best! I liked that on; thanks Trevor!!
WAY TO GO Sarah!
Katie….I haven’t said no to the cookies or drinks 🙁

Well, geez Audra what the hell is in your cookies??!! Your time is ridiculous! I bet your drinks were water!!!!

9:26 as rx’d
10 mins or so then Sunday’s WOD
8:02 as rx’d, HSPU’s suffered due to WOD 1 but I needed to work on pushing HSPU’s when shoulders are tired.

30 min run +
26:38 as rx’d

Terrible DU’s this night.

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