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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Complete all sets:

  1. Row 500m, Rest 3:00, Row 500m
  2. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 5 reps for max. weight.
  3. 50 Triple Unders for time.
  4. Max. Strict Pull-ups – one set.
  5. L-Sit – 3:00 total.


TT WOD – Oly:

A.  BTN Push Press – 2 reps X 5-7 sets, rest 90-120s

B.  Snatch Balance – 2 reps X 5-7 sets, rest 90-120s

C.  Power Snatch/Squat Snatch – 1/1 X 5-7 sets, rest 90-120s


Coach’s notes:

Complete in any order and post results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 4

A fun tester workout.
A. Row: 1:35, 1:47 – went almost full out on the first one, didn’t leave much in the tank for round 2, and I wanted to die!
B. Shoulder Press: 5 @ 50#, 3 @ 55#
C. Triples…I went with max sets of unbroken 50 DU instead – got 3 rounds, then failed at round 4 at 41 DUs
D. Pull Ups – did 6 pronated, and 3 supinated (switched on the fly, didn’t touch ground)
E. L-sits – what a disaster. did a couple rounds of 30 seconds, then it slowed right down to 15s, 10s, 8s etc. Took forever to accumulate 3 minutes; finished the last 20 seconds with an H-sit

Thanks Josh!

A:Row 1:37.6 / 1:38.9 did these last. Pushed hard and felt it!

B:shoulder press worked up to 5@55#

C:My skipping is terrible so worked on high singles with odd doubles

D: 2 strict pull ups then went 11 with bands

E: L-sits were h-sits in 15 & 20 second sets with a wall ball under my feet to set a standard of not dropping to low and keeping knees high. (thanks Bret)

Thanks Josh

A) up to 245
B) up to 205
C) up to 195
Thanks Todd!


A: 1:35:4/ 1:37:3
B: 55/70/70, 4.5 reps
C: 12 mins of playing with triples. Got a few 3 in a row, some 2 in a row, lots of singles.
D: 22, pronated grip
E: 6 mins to do 3 mins accumulated

Thanks Josh. Great warmup


A: 95/135/165/185/205/215, 2 single reps

B: 95/135/155/165/175/185

C:95/135/155/165 (PR) /175 (new PR) / failed power snatch at 180.

Thanks Todd!

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