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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1 round for time: 

2000m Row

As many tire flips in 3 minutes

Coach’s notes:  Once off the rower the 3:00 minute timer starts. (i.e. no rest between exercises)  Post time for row and number of tire flips to comments.  If not at OPT substitute barbell power cleans.  75lbs. for gals and 115lbs. for guys.

The next session of CrossFit KIDS classes at OPT starts on Sunday, August 24 and runs for 8 weeks to Sunday, October 12. 

We are also offering WEDNESDAY at 5 pm classes starting on Wednesday, August 27-October 15. 

CrossFit Kids classes are an excellent way for children aged 6-12 to develop a love of fitness and to see strength and conditioning improvements in their daily lives and other sports, in a positive and FUN environment.  Classes qualify for the Canadian Children’s Tax Credit. Please contact Leighanne at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca for registration and more details.  Please note that spaces are limited.

Comments: 12

First post for me since starting Crossfit 1.5 yrs ago.
20 – medi ball cleans – 20lbs
10 – RH db snatch – 45lbs
10 – LH db snatch – 45lbs
40′ walking lunges
Good workout G-Man!!!

rower; 9:07
still need more practice, strokes not efficient
tires were too small… so subbed
3 minutes on power cleans as rxd; 15 reps, feeling strong but still very mechanical,

sweeney, good to have you posting…maybe wait until you are recovered though as the wod was 4 rds of 20 med ball cleans 20lbs, 100ft walking lunges,10 right arm power snatch and 10 left arm power snatch at 45lbs.
great job to you and GMAN

No rower at home – went with 200 reps of 45 lb SDLHP in place of 2000 m row as guided on the main site.

WOW! I have rowed 2k meters in under 8:00 a few times and this one killed me. I couldn’t even manage to clean anything afterward. I was just happy to finish all 200 reps!!

Forgot mention, 200 reps in 18 minutes.

Off work in time to make it to the class but have a sick kid (doggie!) So did at home:
Row: 12:08
Tire flips – zero …..but think that was ‘cuz the car was still attached to the tire!
BTW — any comments from the Death Race crew?

Nice work no_excuses! 🙂 we miss you!

Paige 8:48 row as rx’d, 37 tire flips (second to largest tire at OPT – next time it’s the big one!)
Julie 8:34 1500m row, 16 tire flips (second to largest tire at OPT)

great work everyone and Thank you for standing with mosquitoes to time us, Trevor!

Had fun with this one! First time with tire flips!!!
Row 8:10
Tire flips 8 with 350 lb tire
Enjoyed the first eight so much I waited for Yasmin to finish her row and then did 3 more minutes of flipping so she wasn’t by herself. Completed 11!!!!!

Row: 7:33 PR is 7:32
Tire = 5

Ran to and from work 5.7k each way with clothes in back-pack

As Rx’d

As Rx’d
2000m row in 7:20
Tire = 9

as rx’d
row – 6:58
tire flips – 18

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