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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

21, 15, 9, 15, 21 rep rounds for time:

Barbell Thruster

Barbell SDLHP

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 lbs for both movements.  Post time to complete to comments.

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This is going to hurt!

Hi Everyone! Got a break to get to the village today and thought I’d drop a quick note while we still have power to let you know the kids LOVE all of the new gear you bought for them.

One of the kids told me yesterday after playing CrossFit Dodgeball, “Amy, I’m Burpie tired” – he doesn’t speak English but now knows these words. Priceless!

Thanks again for your support and see you soon!

A. 🙂

Priceless is right Amy. Good on you for doing that and the CFC Community

21:22… at home in driveway… kept saying what doesnt kill me makes me stronger… oh and scaled to under my last fran weight… 65lbs

18:52 as rx’d. Had more in the tank. Gotta pour it ALL out next go round zilla!!

18:46 as rx’d Paced myself to much. This one hurt but should of hurt way more, Knocking major time off this one next time

6 am class “Dynamic Revenge”
1 min @ each 3x with 14 lb medball
walking lunges (overhead)
situps (overhead)
wall balls *yeah – did with 14 lb ball! not many but its a start)
med ball clean & jerk
96/59/31/32 total: 218
then: 3x AMRAP double unders total:48 (they’re coming)
THANKS LAURA!!!! great class!

Scaled to 45#…11:30

as rx’d 18:59, did this one in the sun after painting all day
Brett if this was your idea of fun it at least got me
to work on my thrusters!

18:30 as RX’d

No Excuses


6 am class see above:
90/53/43/17(need to work on these!!) total: 203
Nice way to start the day. Thanks Laura for a great class.
Way to go Krista on the wall balls.

as rxd, 8:05
Did rounds of 7 reps the entire time, taking 2-3 breaths between sets. Did round of 9 unbroken for both. Finally had the right strategy for a workout. Even when gassed I could get the 7 done. SDLHP practice really paid off in FGB and now today.

15:22 as rx’d

Wicked awesome time tlaw!!

Me – as Rx’d: 23:58 SDLHP were all singles from the start.


15:22 as rx’d (I think, couldn’t really see the clock)


GF – 25:something

Holy crap tlaw!

Neil as rx’d 25:11
Judy – shoulder issue so did half at 42 lbs then dropped to 31 lbs. Thanks Trevor for a great class!!

Scaled to 37 lbs

17:44 as rx’d.

With Alvaro gone I had to use STACH as his stand-in for the time to beat. Come back Alvaro!!

I probably took longer than I needed between the sets, but 95# thrusters still feel heavy, and I’d rather not have to clean it any more than I have to.

tlaw, you know it wasn’t just 21-15-9, right? 😉 Awesome time!


forgot to mention this in my first posting, and since many posters have this as a pet peeve…

“bounced” several reps
Trevor advised me to re-do the bounced reps.. but I forgot at the end.
Next time SDLHP’s will be strict

12:28 as rx’d

absolutely brutal WOD for me…anything with thrusters (along with DU’s these are my worst exercise) makes me cave…finished the first 21/15/9 in under 4 mins…then I gassed…took me nearly 9 mins to finish the second sets of 15/21…which is more time than what Tlaw did for the entire WOD!

Caper, I wasn’t serious about you redoing the reps just keeping the form in check. They got better and easier too judging by the last 21 reps!

I am back!! Did good workouts that I will post soon. din’t have access to computer. W#ill be away anothe long weekend but Cory please keep it up!! I am trainning hard every day!!! I don’t want excuses when I finally come back!!

Steve G, I don’t have my notes with me but I am sure it took me longer than 8 minutes to do the last round of 21 🙂

Judy – now that I read my post again it doesn’t convey what I truly did – I did only half of the workout then quit because of shoulder issues. The first set of thrusters were done with 42 lbs and then I dropped my weight to 32 for remaining part of the WOD that I did do..did not note time,

Got through 3 rounds. Scaled to 85lbs, wanted to scale back to 65lbs but the weights were being used. Don’t know time. Rough. I think my SDLHP form is wrong, was getting a clicking in my left bicep area, felt through to the forearm.

75 lbs.
I’ve been trying lower weight to see if I can increase speed and intensity.
I don’t think it’s working.

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