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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 Rounds for time of:

400m run
15 Overhead Squats (OHS) – 95#/65#

Compare to June 20, 2015

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 21

Chilly morning for the first running wod of the year.
OHS unbroken
Thanks OG

Cool picture of Jill!
17:52 rxd, did all OHS UB but still couldn’t quite catch Jill…thanks Colin!

15:04, OHS unbroken
Spent most of the workout trying to chase down Nicole and Whitney, which didn’t go very well.
Thanks Colin!

OHS – 85lbs
Nailed the run unbroken 400m x 5 – PB
I still really Despise running
Thanks Colin

13:32 rx’d, OHS unbroken on all sets.
Worked hard to keep the pace with my girl Whitney, thanks for the push my friend!
Great job to our big 7AM crew today. Thanks OG!


15:23 rxd. Unbroken OHS. Should have pushed the 3rd and 4th runs faster
Fun throw down against Gregger.
Thanks Michelle.

14:19, thanks Michelle and Josh.
Post WOD, added sets of 8 deadlifts at 135, 185, 225, 275. 3sets of 5 bent over rows 135#, and 95# good mornings.

16:55 rx’d
First time doing Nancy, had a lot of fun! Would push it a bit more on the runs next time.
Thanks Michelle and Josh!

21:14 @ 31
About 1:30 slower than last time and though 14lbs more than last time, lighter than I wanted to go……struggle with volume OHS, movement bothers everything, so stayed at a weight I could do unbroken….
Oh and running still sucks!!

Thanks Michelle and Josh

Scaled OHS to 60# – still have lots of issues with these. Managed to do the first 3 sets unbroken then crashed and burned on the fourth and fifth sets.
Nice work 6am!

13:59 OHS unbroken. Yep definitely just trying to keep up with Nicole. Love this wod though. Thanks, Colin!

Just over 17 minutes. Over 20 seconds slower.
Was on pace to match my previous time then fell on my ass on the second last OHS. Had a mini-tantrum and wasn’t going to bother finishing until Michelle told me to “quit swearing and pick up the bar.”

Thanks Michelle and Josh.

12:43. First time doing Nancy. I can tell I haven’t ran in 6 months.
Thanks Jason and Tania

20:00, wrist were flaring up so I could not get all the OHS. Good point is I did all runs without walking. I’ll take it.
Thanks Michelle & Josh!

19:30 from the ladies tees
All unbroken.

Tried 75# in warmup but wasn’t feeling confident in overhead position once fatigued. Next time.

Thanks T and J. Apologies for the whining…

Well, my running has definitely not improved…
21:36 rxd. substantially slower than the last time, but couldn’t run last running season so that fact that I was able to run today is a win.
Thanks Jason and Tania!

Have done this in 13:30 but can’t complain about this time way body felt this evening. Nice job 7pm. Thank-you.

12:13, first run of the year, so kept the runs somewhat conservative, so I wouldn’t blow up. Actually turned out to be a good strategy, as the runs felt good, which I normally never say regarding runs.

25:18 with a bum knee in Open Gym

all i felt was a nice crunchy feeling in my left knee during the squats. surprisingly, felt out but took it slow (not by choice…i’m a terrible runner)…but I got the work done.

3 rounds and done

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