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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Rounds for time:


400m Row

15 Snatch

200m Run

15 Snatch

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 and gals 60 lbs for the snatch and remember this is full squat catch.  Post time to complete to comments.


One of our own CFC Kids Alix Savard graces the cover of the CrossFit Kids journal!  Congratulations Alix!  We’re very proud of you!  Click here to check it out.


Comments: 14

Congratulations Alix…you are a great ambassador for CrossFit Calgary and of course the CrossFit Kids program. Keep up the great work!! Neil & Judy

5:32 + 5:42 + 5:52 = 16:25
I used 45 lbs for the snatch. last night I did tabata squats and found it difficult to get into a full squat for the snatch today. I did the best I could.

Sorry guys and gals, there was another 15 snatch after the run, which was just added.

A big congrats to Alix for such great representation of CrossFit Calgary Kids! A big thank you to her and all the CrossFit Kids who bring such enthusiasm, great work ethic and fun to every class.

Thank you so much for the extra 45 snatch!

52 lbs round 1-15 snatch then 15 power snatch
round 2 15 snatch then 15 power snatch
round 3 all power snatch

28:57 snatch scaled to 65#.

I think in the later rounds the snatch may have been getting better. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I feel I may have been delaying the pull and keeping the bar closer to my body. At least I hope that was happening!

as rx’d 49 min
Snatches were one by one all the way.
It definetly felt more like a strengh work out for me

time was 31:18

25:21 Weight 20KG I am sure death would come easier!

30:59 as rx’d


This was tough one. I don’t think the extra snatches were necessary!

Very impressive efforts tonight by all. I was especially impressed by everyone’s technical execution right to the end of this WOD. We are definately forging elite fitness!

27:28 OR 28:27 scaled to 43lbs. Great coaching and great class.

26:18 as rx’d
Awesome WOD…so challenging physically and mentally. Fun to be in a class again! Oh and…so proud of you Alix!!!

Modified to L arm 20#db snatch

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