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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

At Home WOD

A1.  Front Squat/Hip Squat from Toes/Squat Cleans/Split Jerk (non-dominant)/Split Jerk (dominant) – 7 reps/movement X 6 sets, rest approx. 90s

A2.  Alternate Between Front and Back Scales on both Left and Right sides between each set.


Complete 1 round for time of:
21 STRICT Handstand Push-ups
3 Rope Climbs
15 STRICT Handstand Push-ups
6 Rope Climbs
9 STRICT Handstand Push-ups
9 Rope Climbs


Coach’s notes:

Post all notes on movement effectiveness for At Home WOD and time to complete WOD to comments.

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Comments: 6

Dowel lifting is no joke. Loving it! Scales were about 45 seconds each. Good job 10 a.m. Thanks T.

Having my 10 a.m. class is really important to me right now. Human contact, structure and exercise all rolled into one. Thank you. ❤️

I agree with you 100% on everything Patti.
The Zoom WODs have been a lifeline fo me.
Thanks Tania!

Another fun one at 10:00am. It was all good until I lowered my broomstick onto the bridge of nose.
Scales are improving. I am able to get foot a little higher and hold a little longer each time. Need to focus on keeping the toes pointed and the hips square.
Grip consistently too narrow on the barbell movements AGAIN. Don’t know why this is so difficult for me to commit to and change.

CrossFit SYLBF WOD from yesterday sucked my soul I guess, so took it easy today moving with the 1:00pm class scaling reps and rounds.

Good job to all I saw thus far today. Patti, Sandy and Coach Derek, all great comments.

I need a thinner stick. Can’t wrap my whole hand around it.
In other news – scales are tough. I have trouble keeping my hips square due to my above average shit mobility. A work in progress.

Thanks Kimmer!!!!!
Nice work 5pm.

According to my back I Moved my 300# broomstick today a lot!!
Actually really enjoy the mechanics of dowel work and no shoes.
Thanks T

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