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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

As many rounds in 20 minutes:
12 Alternating Pistols
12 Sit-ups
36 Double Unders
Coachs notes:  Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

Comments: 14

11rounds plus pistols, situps and 7 du’s
Used 12″ box plus a 25# plate for pistols.
I liked this one. Thanks Ali and Colin good work everyone. Rob those du’s are looking great!

Wanted to do this one today but couldn’t find a rope. Shoulda brought one.

“Hallo” Yaz! Hi to everyone!

10 rounds plus pistols, situps and 2 du’s
used small box for pistols
That was a sweaty one! Great job 6amers!

8 rnfs..used green band for pistols and counted singles and attempts for DUs.

crossfit scottsdale wod…..
800m run
55 pullups
55 OHS (65 lbs)
55 KBS (1 pood)
55 T2B
800m run
28 minutes and “change”……terrible wod…..grip killer…..90 degree heat!
now by the pool drinking a well deserved corona 🙂

13 rounds + 12pistols/12 situps/8 DUs…used small box with 25 pound plate for pistols. This one felt good – until 2 hours after. Now it just feels sore.
Thanks Colin and Ali! Good work all 6am’ers.

TT homework + 10 min of WOD
5 rounds
Pistols on 5# plate and foot often hit the ground…need to work on these!
Thanks Brett

i counted 10 rounds but only did half what the girl next to me did and she counted 11?

kept form on 95% of reps and made a little progress on DUs

Thanks Brett!

Neil – used box for pistols – 5 rds – as usual struggled with DU’s
Judy – 7 rds + pistols + situps + 22 DU’s – green band for pistols
Fun WOD. Thanks Brett! Great work Carmen on your pistols.

15 double unders shy of 9 rounds
I was trying to keep up with Power!
thanks Brett

7 rds + pistols + situps + 7 d/u’s
Blue band for pistols, averaged between 22 & 28 du’s per minute(getting better!)
Thanks Brett

6 rounds + 12 pistols/12 situps/some attempts @ DU
small box for pistols, du’s were a struggle. I really liked this WOD but would have liked it better if I could do du’s instead of beating up my legs
Great job 6am’ers thanks ali and colin!!

6 DUs short of 10 rounds, blue band assisted for the pistols. Gunned it in those last two rounds trying to get to 10 rounds… maybe next time. DUs felt great today… think I managed to get to around 30 in a row at one point.

Great work 7pm crew. Thanks Brett!

some TT homework then 17 min of WOD
6 rounds – pistols were very slow
Thanks Brett

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