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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A.  As many sets in 5 minutes:

25 Double Unders

B.  Max load in 10 minutes:

3 RM Deadlift

Coach’s notes:  Post number of sets for A and maximum 3 RM for B to comments.

Compare to February 23, 2010

Comments: 18

Tried 6:00 a.m. class. Got to play with people my own age for a change.

A) 4 sets +20 – most unbroken was 17
B) 235/255/260f/260 – PR

Did Fran today for “fun” 4:22 as rx’d. PR by 43 seconds. Thanks for cheering me on Don, Katie, Krista and Kris.

A. 13 (not sets, 13 doubles total – still working on this)
B. 295/325/335/345
Thanks Kris and 9:30 class!

A. 25,25,25,21,25,24,25,22,17…. total sets of 25=5
B. 185,205,215,225…. did 1 @ 245 (quit because of the whole having “kids” thing)
Don, great job on the DU’s!!! they’re coming!!
Chelesa – you are seriously incredible!!! nice Fran today!!!
Kris – awesome class!! thanks for the help with my DL

oh ya, Katie – I WISH I could DL like you!!!!

Once again forgot my sheet at cfc..
A:25(YAY), 21, I think 17, 16 etc, I did one more 25 – I believe my total was close to 140..perhaps I should have aimed for sets of 10 as I took more rest thinking that would help get me to 25..umm that didn’t work. I need to practice this more.
B:215/245/265- ugly- I need to practice not rounding my back.
Krista, I wish I could DU like you! Nice numbers!! Chelsea you are an inspiration – you didn’t show any evidence of being in pain as you kicked butt on Fran!
Another great 9:30 class, nice job everyone and thanks Kris!

2nd day off for me as “bitch” Barbara sent me straight to bed for two days and not exactly to have fun. Blaine, I did not think I didn’t like Barbara but my body definetely does not like her!

DU=11 rounds +11
DL= 3 rep 235
Fun class!!!

A. 8 rounds, only 5 unbroken. Great job Rebecca, wow.
B. 185/205/215/225/235
Katie you are insane with your Deadlift. Thanks Laura.

A: finally got 3 DU in a row.
B: 170/175/180 then stopped. didn’t feel strong today.
Thanks Laura

A: 8 rounds
B: 145/165/175/185 (PR)

A. 3 rounds and then DU’s were broken…still needs work.
B. 255/275/285/290
Thanks Laura

A. 8 rounds (all unbroken) then last round did 8+9
B. Worked up to 165lbs.
Great class. Thanks Laura:)

Colleen –
A. 5 rounds unbroken, 13 and then 8 in 5 min.
B. 115, 125, 130, 135….had to be careful with the shoulder, not sure how much I could withstand, but better than I thought I could anyways. Merci Laura. Way to go Sarah!

A. Completed 7 rounds of 25
B. Stopped at 200lb. My core still feels shot from Tuesday’s WOD.

A. Work in progress!
B. 255/275/285/295/300 PR
A. 18/18/11/17/3/8/13/14/7 ugh ugh – in practice no problem but my nerves get the best of me.
B. 165/170/175/180/185
Thanks Laura – great class!

A: 5/4/7/8/3/5/7/91singles/5/3/8 sh*tty something is still tired from Barbara and I suck at DU’s

Thanks Laura

A. 9 rds
B. 205/235/255/265

Thanks for the fun class Laura!

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