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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, September 3, 2009

8 x 400 m sprints

Rest 3 minutes between sets

Coach’s notes:  Post time for each set to comments.

Compare to June 2, 2009

Important Reminder – during Labour Day (Mon. Sept. 7) we will be on a holiday schedule for classes.  The 9:30 am class and 6:00 pm classes will be available for member and/or drop in attendance.

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LOL – I look like I smell something stinky!

Pretty sure I was beside you on that one…..

FGB IV question: Does anyone know if we can use the donation form that can be downloaded as well? It says on there to mail it in to somewhere in the US. We would be getting cheques in CDN dollars, plus it goes towards the Canadian foundation. It doesn’t seem to make sense for us to use it, but what if not everyone wants to use their credit card online to make a donation? Does anyone have any more info for me??? Thanks in advance!

6am workout with James:

1) 12 KB SDLHP for 1minute, then row for 90 seconds @ 80% effort X 3

2) 12 DB Thrusters (20lbs), then Burpee Boad Jumps for 90 seconds X 3

3) 50 ft. walking lunges then 20 push ups X 3

Another great workout – thanks to James and all the other early risers!

6 am – see above (thanks alona!)
Great workout James – thanks!

Uphill w/headwind: 1:22/1:32/1:38/1:34
Downhill w/tailwind: 1:21/1:24/1:25/1:23
Total: 11:40
June 2: 11:51

Did these in the park this afternoon. The gusts of wind made this workout very interesting.

worked out @ OPT
600 m run
push ups
600 m row
time:7:24 min

1:26/1:24/1:26/1:25/1:28/1:28/1:28/1:27 Great job today everyone, that was a painful one.

Same as Alona!

Great work-out!


0:28 longer than last time, but I’ll tell myself that we ran a little bit further this time.

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