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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, September 13, 2007

 Match the minute pull ups

 Coach’s notes: To do this WOD you need to perform 1 pull up in 1 minute, then increase the number of pull ups by one each minute until you are unable to complete the pull ups within the minute.  In other words, in minute 1 you do 1 pull up.  In minute 2 you do 2 pull ups, in minute 3, 3 pull ups and so on.  In minute 10, you have to complete 10 pull ups within 60 seconds.  Post the time you finished in plus any partial rounds (eg.  13 minutes plus 9 pull ups).  This is a great opportunity to work on your kipping skills!  If you’re unable to do a strict or kipping pull up, use assistance. 

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