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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back Squat  2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2


Coach’s notes:  Post load for each set to comments.

Important Reminder – this weekend CFC is hosting a Basic Barbell certification and therefore regularly scheduled classes will be cancelled for Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you for your understanding.



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And he’s a good one to boot G.
Nice tee too.

Harder than it seemed at first (what else is new) @6 a.m.
100 ft DB walking lunges with 30% Body Weight
3 rnds 8 chin ups, 12 push ups
100 ft DB walking lunges with 30% Body Weight
3 rnds 8 chin ups, 12 push ups
100 ft DB walking lunges with 30% Body Weight
3 rnds 8 chin ups, 12 push ups
100 ft DB walking lunges with 30% Body Weight
A 15:52 with 20lbs/hand rnd 1, then dropped to 15/hand, blue band for CU’s, push-ups from the knees
R 13:34 with 25lbs/hand

6 am (see above – thanks again Adelle!)
15:16 mostly as rx’d (does that count!?) 20 lb/hand for walking lunges, CU’s as rx’d, 3rd round of push-ups from knees
Thanks James – Katie: you were awesome today! good work everyone

Joined the 6am class today!
16:16 Used 25lbs DB for the walking lunges, CU and Pu as rx’d…sporting some new hand tears as an added bonus!!!

Sweet T-Shirt Broggy!

A DNF for me today- the pull ups killed me and I ran out of time (who me??). I had some FANTASTIC support from all of the nice 6 am folks. Krista, YOU are awesome – super athlete and so supportive. James, thanks for your patience. I’ll get those kipping pull ups soon!

Worked up to 95 lbs
Stayed there to work on technical

Worked up to 155lbs, thanks for all of the encouragement from everyone in the 9:30 class. Thanks for the coaching Michelle.

Neil – 215 lbs 225 (f)
Judy – 104 lbs
Wow the Crossfit Ladies were HOT tonight. Way to go everyone. It was great to watch you get your PR Karen! Of course as always great instruction from Michelle.


Worked up to 145lbs. Ran out of time to go any further. Thanks Judy!

Just trying to stay ahead of Karen


Same results as the previous 2RM a month ago. I’m still coming to a standstill at the sticking point coming out of the bottom. I need to focus on power out of the bottom, and tightening up before each rep.

155×2, 185×2, 205×2, 205×2, 210×2

Spent most of yesterday in bed trying not to hurl, took it a bit easy tonight.

Did 100 Back Squats @ 125# (74% BW), with 25 GHD sit ups as penalty when breaking it. Broke it three times.
Time:20:44 min
Thanks Michelle, francis and cory. It was such a mental game!!!

45/65/85/95/105/125/135(f)/135(f)/135!!!! finally!

Thanks for the great coaching Michelle!

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