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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, November 26, 2009

 CrossFit Lethbridge Workout of the Day


3 rounds for time:

500m Row

12 Deadlifts – bodyweight

21 Box Jumps 20″


Coach’s notes: Today we “invade” CrossFit Lethbridge’s WOD and follow their programming for the day (as they did to us a few weeks ago).  Post your time to comments here and on the CrossFit Lethbridge site.  Use bodyweight for deadlifts and 20″ box for box jumps.



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you can post on the CrossFit Lethbridge site with just your name and email… make sure you tell them you are from CFC!

Sorry I’m missing this WOD today…this would’ve been fun to do

Nice lift Dave!
6 a.m.
A1 – Power clean followed by 5 push press 90 sec rest
A2 – AMRAP strict chin-ups
Rick PC/PP 65/75/85/90/95 CU 14/10/8/6/6
Adelle PC 42/52/57/62/62 CU Assisted 4/5/5/5/4

3 rnds for time
350 m Row
15 burpees
R – 8:16
A – 9:15
Followed by 5 sets of 10 GHD situps
this class really helped to move those muscles that were stiff from Tuesday. Thanks for the help on the chinups James and Colin.

10.29 as rx’d

11:18 as rx’d

Fun class!

15:55 as RX’d.
215lb DL’s.

See Adelle and Rick’s descriptor: power clean/push press 65/75/95/95/95 Amrap strict pullups 4/4/4/3/2 oh dear! Row 350 and 15 burpees x 3 : 8:28 felt slowww on that one. Great class thanks James and Colin for the push and of course coaching.

6 a.m.
A1 – Power clean followed by 5 push press 90 sec rest
A2 – AMRAP strict chin-ups 90 sec rest
PC/PP 95/105/115/125/135 CU 11/7/6/7/7

3 rnds for time
350 m Row
15 burpees

5 sets of 10 GHD situps
Adelle thanks for writing everything out!!!

6am (as above – thanks Adelle!)

A1: PC/PP – 42/62/72/72/82
A2: Negative CUs – 5/4/3/4/3
(thanks for being brave and helping, coaches! It’s so difficult not to kick…)

3 rnds for time;
350 m Row
15 burpees
between 11 – 13 minutes (I don’t remember)

4 sets of 10 GHD situps

9:99 as rx’d- went with a heavier DL -224lbs
legs were shot by the end of the workout.

13:35, with 145lb deadlift, thanks EE for the early wod
20’box felt easy after the 24′ this week!

9:59 as rx’d at BW 200#.

This was harder than I thought it would be. The deadlifts ended up being the tough part I think. I feel like I should have been better at this given what it involved, but I’m somewhat happy with under 10.

13:44 with 175lb DL.Deadlifts were definately my roadblock tonite. That’s was a great WOD, enjoyed it…and of course Chantal its always a blast!

10:56 as rx’d, DL @ 142lbs. This was a good one, thanks Michelle and Brett for all of the encouragement it definately helped.

217 lb DL

14:48 as rx’d, Deadlift @ 217.5

Nice Job under 10 Cory! 16:10 as Rx’d DL 135. Felt good. Thanks Michelle and Brett. Also Thanks Katrin.

16:20 as rx’d @ 115#
Tried to keep rows steady throughout, which I was somewhat successful with. Deadlifts felt heavy, maybe since this is only 50# less than my current 1RM!? Box jumps seemed like an impossible task at first, but turned out to be alright.
Thanks for everyone’s encouragement!

9:55, 170#. “Lightweight! Yeah buddy, Ain’t Nothin’ but a peanut.”

Good wod. Tough one.

13:09 as rx’d @ 110#

Nice work Cory & Francis!!

This one was tough on me 11:55 w/185# DL (BWT=160)

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