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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, November 22, 2018


In 12 minutes complete:

1000m row
50 Dumbbell Thrusters – 50#/35#/hand, then
AMRAP Dumbbell Box Step Overs – 50#/35#/hand

TT WOD – Oly:

A.  Tall Squat Clean/Hang Squat Clean – 3/3 X 5-7 sets, rest 90-120s

B.  Clean Deadlift Shrug – 4 reps X 5 sets, rest 120s

C.  Tall Split Jerk (paused catch)– 3-5 reps X 5-7 sets, rest approx. 90s

Coach’s notes:

Post reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 7

42 thrusters at 40#. Probably should have gone about 5# lighter on the dumbbells would have been about right.


A. Empty bar tech work. Hand is still super tweaky. Elbow is almost 100% so I guess there’s that though.

B. Up to 150# I think

C. Empty 35# and 45# bars

And woops, not paying attention, thanks Kimmer! Such amazing coaching!

Also nice work on the WOD Pedro, you killed that.

17 box step overs. Started out fairly conservative/scared and planned to kick it up towards the end………..not so much however.

Did 35 thrusters @50#, switched to 40# so I would make it to the step overs.. got 5 step overs with the 40# dbs..
Thanks for the push Kim!

A. Up to 115#
B. Up to 275#
C. Up to 85# and from the toes with no dip.
Thanks Kim!


Rx: 16 step overs.

Did the 1,000 m in 3:36m. Thrusters did in sets of 10/10/5/5/5/5/5/5/4/1. Todd has us stand up fully in to of the box. Definitely mad it easier to breath. Grip failed me at the end when I tried to squeeze in one extra rep.

Next time I’ll do this thrusters in sets of 7-6. Also, I’ll try to put the dumbbells on my shoulders trying to rest my griffins.

Thanks Todd!


A: 135#
B: 295#
C: 85#

Love working on technique with these drills.

Thanks Kimmer!


A) up to 165
B) up to 315
C) up to 115

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