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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, November 18, 2021

100 Bottoms Up Kettlebell Hot Potato Toss (50/hand) – choose your weight
100 Med Ball Overhead Walking Lunges (50/leg) – 20#/14#
100 Single Arm Alternating Kettlebell Swings – Choose your weight
100 Box Step Overs
1000m Row

Coach’s notes:

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Used 1.5 Pd and 24″ box. Ran at the end. 18:53.
Thanks Derek!

What a weird WOD for me. I underestimated what I’m capable of but at the same time I set myself up for a great 1000m row.

It’s my 4th day WOD. I wanted to have a light day. I can do a 1.5 or 2p KB but it didn’t matter a whole lot. Enjoyed the hot potatoes and KB swings. Keeping track of reps was a little challenging.

It was like I was in someone else’s body when I was doing the med ball lunges. I did 100 straight. WTF? I’m taking the “win” on this one. Dis’ shit don’t happen to me a whole lot.

The box step overs worked best sideways for me but I slowed waaaay down as I watched Joe turn into a long legged speed demon.

Finished around 19 min or just before.
Had a really good rowing experience at the end.

I loved the variety in this WOD.

This WOD ate me up and spit me out………….fell behind early and couldn’t find my way back!!!!!!!
19:34, ouch.

Oh, forgot to mention, used the bike at the end, but this was pretty much my cool down as I had little in the tank to push……………


Used 1p KB

Worst part was the overhead MB lunges and this showed as I was first one to them and last one off them. Definitely hate any overhead lunge/squat and need to work on it and shoulder mobility. After that torture made some time up on the rest of the WOD

Thanks Josh

So everyone was done by the time I started my row!! I think I finished around 28 minutes.

The kettlebell stuff was good. Challenged the weight a bit on those. Box step overs unbroken. Lunges were awful. And way too much Coach attention on the row!! Just kidding Josh. Thanks for taking me through that.

That was very humbling… 25:30(ish)
1pd for everything. Did about 8 swings with the 1.25 during the workout and quickly changed.

The MB lunges were awful and stepping up onto a 24” box gets old real fast.

Rowed at a 2:00/500m pace until last 200m.

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