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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, May 8, 2008



Five rounds for time of:
Push Jerk – 15 reps
Run 400 meters

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 115lbs and gals 75lbs for the push jerk.  Post time to comments.

Comments: 8

Really happy:
1. Got through this one without scaling
2. Managed proper Push Jerks.
Item 1 is probably a result of Item 2.
As Rx’d: 25:18

Scaled to 97#
Rowing subbed for run in first round, TM for the last 4 rounds

Not much of a squat in my push jerks
I will work on that along with everything else….

I finally did as RX’d and I don’t have the time i did it in!!! Not sure if I am doing the jerks right.

WOD In Grand Junction

used treadmill and paused each 400m. time on run was 9:51 so jerks would be at least double.

My ironman stop button digs into my wrist when doing the jerks…I’ll take it off next time.

As Rx’d

The 50’s today.

Neil 92lbs & Row- 19:10
Judy 47lbs & Row- 20:59
Congratulations Alvaro for a great performance in doing Murph. It was priceless seeing you stumble in the door covered in snow! Way to go! Great effort!

Great CrossFit class tonight in the rain and snow! As many rounds in 20 minutes teams of two divided the work!:
Run 50 meters
40 trusters
Run 50 meters
40 front squats
Run 50 meters
40 push presses
Run 50 meters
40 dumb bell swings
You chose the weights (db) and carried them with you the whole time! Fun Fun Fun!

Outdoor class…I forgot to bring gloves and my hands became so numb it took 15 minutes after class before they regained any feeling…good times…alternated each station with 20 and 30lbs db’s….

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