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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 Rope Climb

15 SDLHP – 95#/65#

25 Knees to Elbows

35 Sit-ups

2 Rope Climbs

35 Sit-ups

25 Knees to Elbows


1 Rope Climb

Coach’s notes: Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to March 23, 2011

Comments: 18

9:50 as rxd. Both K2E broken. Last SDLHP broken. Last two rope climbs used my feet.

Guys club today ruled by Michelle 🙂 Where were all the 6:00 am ladies today?

12.30 rx’d on SDLHP, knees to somewhere in the air, rope climbs were sitting to standing.
Great class 9:30 amer’s

Thanks Ali

11:07 as rx’d.
Ripped some major skin on my fingertips (!?!?) from the rope climbs.

10:42 as Rx d

As rx’d
Rope climbs from floor with feet on all climbs.
Started last rope climb at 12:00
Failed twice.
Descended too quickly. Rope burns in three places, two on my hands…

45lb SDLHP, 3 rope climbs, about 1/2 of my K2E’s touched. Subtracted 20 sec. for starting after first group.
Thanks for the fun class Brett!

47# for SDLHP, rope climb from floor using feet.
Thanks Brett!

SDLHP scaled to 75# & rope climbs from standing using feet.

K2E were killing me here, or more specifically my grip which was failing after 4 or 5 at the best.

That was definitely a fun WOD though. Thanks Brett! Great work everybody at 7pm!

11.57 (I think)
2.5 rope climbs no feet. Nearly didn’t get the last rope climb my grip was gone.

Fun times in the 5pm class! 14:32(subtracted 45 sec..started in second group). Really tried to touch my elbows each time but I’m pretty sure I had a few touching my triceps. Rope climbs were started from standing and I used my feet. Thanks Brett- great coaching/encouragement as always!!

18.46 – same comments as Katie. The second round of knees to elbows were so slow, i had no grip left.

12:43 – rope climbs from standing. 1st rope climb to top, 2nd half-way, 3rd no-way, and 4th looked way up, attempted but again no-way….Elbow to Knees pretty broken. SDHLP as rx’d.
Great to WOD with you again Karen. Thanks Brett for the rope climbing tips.

Only the first rope climb without feet. Got to the second rope climb and it wasn’t happening……twice. Pretty impressed with how hard this WOD hit. Great job. Coming up with this one Brett!

12:04 not as Rx’d. Only climbed to 1/2way on 3 RC. Forearm cramping. That’s a really sh*tty excuse. Tough WOD.

For got to post this last night.

13:18 as Rxd.
Enjoyed the rope climb but was slow on the K2E (lost time putting on anti-ripping protection lol). Great WOD…thanks Coach!

10:38 as rx’d I love this wod! Knocked off some time from last – k2e’s felt better, plus I anchored sit-ups, which I didn’t do last time
Thanks Ali!!! Fun class – everyone so impressive!!

First rope climb was without feet. Didn’t think I was going to make it on the last rope climb, but was just able to nick the beam. Thanks for the encouragement Brett

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