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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CF Canadian Sectionals Individuals Event 2
3 sets for max weight completed in pounds in 10 min:
Snatch Grip DL x 1
Snatch x 1
OHS x 1
Squat Snatch x 1

Coach’s notes:  See the main site for rules for this WOD.  Have fun with this one!  Witness all the excitement and support our athletes by cheering them on at Natural High CrossFit this weekend. 

Comments: 12

56, 61, 65.

Good luck to everyone that is competing this weekend!

36.5/41.5/45 for each set for each move. Great practice for snatch & OHS…feeling stronger esp. using better technique. Many thanks, Kris. Good Luck to all of our CF athletes this weekend 🙂

Hey Team,

I’m looking for rides to and from the regionals this weekend. Is anyone planning to head down with room to spare?

Email me at leblancfrancis at gmail dot com if you have a seat I can fill.


made 135 failed the Squat Snatch at 145 twice

Hey Francis, I am going in tomorrow for 5PM. Unfortunately I am coming from Cochrane, so I don’t know that it would work out…

as rx’d 55/70/80….DL, and OHS pretty easy….even Power Snatch not too bad but don’t think I would have had much more in me for the Squat Snatch…

Good Luck to everyone this weekend!!

Good luck to all CFC and OPT athletes competing this weekend!! Looking forward to watching and cheering everyone on!

Judy – practiced the snatch combo. Thanks Evan for all your help and tips.
Neil – same stuck to 65 and 75# and did sets of 3-5 power snatch, OHS’s and squat snatch’s – this definitely needs work…

This first 3 of this combo are ok in a row. But add the squat snatch at the end and then it was hard. It’s like I just had this up there and now I have to bring it down and back up again? Anyhow me whining as per usual. I worked up to 42 lbs but just practiced. Well done all. Congrats on Team CFC and good luck this weekend.

Just wanted to say GO CFC and OPT athletes!! I can’t wait to watch everyone and cheer!
Too much time chatting for me in class today but still was able to practice a bit – worked to only 65 and then had to leave- more next time. Thanks Evan!

I completed the complex to 115#. Above that I would repeat the missed squat snatches until 130#.

42/47/ ..failed at 52 twice on Squat Snatch *ALL Mental for sure.* Backed down to 42 to work on form/confidence.

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