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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, May 19, 2011

1 Round for time:
36 Knees to Elbows
9 OHS – 125#/80# (from floor)
24 K to E
15 OHS
12 K to E
21 OHS
Coach’s notes: Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 21

Thank god it my day off!! Ouch.

This has Hulkamania written all over it!

Adelle 11:29 using 42# for ohs
Rick 13:19 using80# for ohs
The lifting shoes were very nice with this wod. Great work 6 amers thanks Michelle and Colin.

I now know my most hated drill — the OHS. With the flexibility of a 2×4 I can barely OHS a dowel. I did the WOD at 95lbs and I highly doubt one lift was done w any form. Adelle & Char, you two kicked a$$ on the OHS. My time? It (& the WOD) have been permanently erased fr memory…

12:00, 33# for OHS. Need to work on OHS.
Great mental tenacity this morning 6amers!
Thanks Michelle & Colin!

17:45 55#
slow k2e – hands hurt before wod and are now worse!
I actually felt really good doing the last sets.
Thanks for the push Michelle and Colin!

Isn’t that couple in the picture cute?? Neil you are not supposed to help her with her power clean!!!

The Bad: Used 115# for 9 and 15… dropped to 95# for set of 21. OHS is a serious weakness for me. Completed in 18:08 I think I spent around 4 mins on the last set of OHS
The Good: Finally got a few HSPU in warm up! Only one year in the making…… πŸ™‚
Thanks Laura

7:45 as rx’d

Couldn’t pull it together..scaled down to 65#
Still took 18:12.

Did Mondays Body Weight front squat workout
as Rx’d for the first time
Thanks Erin

As rx’d 17:05
OHS: 9, 8, 7, 7,7,7

K2E more like K UP for me
OHS @ 62lbs

OHS are hard, even harder at 6am. Really hard to focus and keep the balance.
Thank you Michelle for the push and the tips!
Thanks Colin for letting me borrow some of your tape for my poor hands.

Similar to MikeG but I started as required for 9, then I started to disintergrate… just could not link more than 2 together so went down to 115 for the remainder. Completed in 18:40…yikes πŸ™‚ JNK you are a beast. Hulkster you are the man!

as rx’d 16:02
the K to E where slow, overhead squat just hurt the wrist

add a couple of row sprint to start and finish this you would really have a painful workout

First one in a long time, every rep sucked….16:36 as rx’d. Wrists are killing me, the OHS felt super heavy. God I’m a whiner

Neil – 75 lbs 12:00
Judy – baby weight .. time approx. 15:00??
Thanks Erin, great class. I liked the wall test.


12.53 as rx’d

10:11 at 80 lbs
Kept form tight. Getting more comfortable with OHS
Thanks Erin, Great Class.

As rx’d – 15:56

15:14 as Rx’d
Thanks Erin

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