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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, May 12, 2011


30 reps for time:


Coach’s notes:  Board WOD. Guys use 135 lbs, gals 95 lbs or scale as appropriate. Post time to complete to comments.  Note that typically this WOD has been done as take weight from the floor to overhead, meaning it is usually done as a pwer snatch versus a squat snatch.

Compare to February 13, 2011

Comments: 27

Rick used 75#. 8:02
Adelle used 47# 6:36
Same as on Feb 13 but with 5lbs more and will go up again next time. Nice work Olga and everyone at 6 am. Thanks Michelle

52# in 5:49
I surprised myself this morning! The movement felt real smooth.
Great coaching Michelle!

57# 6:40
Next time more weight, focused on not rounding my back.
thanks for your help Michelle

52# 4.38
I have the hardest time with this life! Thanks Ali

9.56 @ 120#.
Failed 8 reps, so think the weight was about right.

89lbs because of supraspinatus tear. Perfectly happy with this weight.



as rx’d

Had a hard time converting kgs into lbs today.
Warmed up with 133, put 155 on started the timer, got 5 in and thought to myself, this is really heavy. Dropped back down to 133, did the last 25.
Total for all 30 – 9:53

6:22 as rx’d PR by over a minute and looked much better then last time. Thanks Ali great job 6pm class. I liked the group warm up.

Isabell 1 Keith 0. 8 reps at 135 w poor form so quickly took the 10 lbs off each side but that ended up being too light. I should have taken the time to add 5lbs to each side (or start w 125). Started w 135 hoping to make the board but Isabelle proved to be stronger than me. Thanks Michelle ( as for you Isabelle …

Scaled to 57# 4:37
still struggle with this lift but it did start to feel better by the end of the WOD. Will take more time to warm up the movement next time.
Thanks Ali!

Well, well, well, very hard lesson to swallow today! Was hoping to be able to do it with 125# and during my “warm up” it was just not happening. So i dropped 5# and there i went. Very quickly i had over 10 attempts and only 3 reps legit. What is going on? I cannot even explain how mad i was. Easy! I dont like to give excuses but my left shoulder is not happy lately and it just wouldn’t go back making the stabilization of the snatch almost impossible. I fought it all the way to 22 reps (by now i had over 30 failures). Drpped another 5 pounds and fought the last 8 reps. Ali was so patient!!!!!so was Taylor and Mike. Finished it in 24:38. Last time did it in 13 min at 120#. it sounds like i should have stopped, but i am actually happy i somehow did it. I am happy with my desicion regardless of the consequences 🙂

This was my first attempt at Isabel and snatch is not a real strong movement for me so I kept the weight at 105 to work on form and finished in 4:18.
Once I got going, the movement felt better so it was good to go with a lower weight.
Next time will be heavier.
Thanks Ali
Nice work Chad!!

85 lbs.

30 sloppy power snatches


I wish I had warmed up with some heavy OHS to get used to getting down low with the weight.
Unsatisfying WOD. Didn’t do it heavy or fast or well.

What Trent said too but did at 67 not 105. Finished at 4:07. I too will go up next time.
Thanks Ali

Geez Alvaro your post is almost as long as your workout 🙂

First date with Isabel and it was fun!
As rx’d – 4:37
Paced it a little too much off the start, but I was able to complete it almost unbroken (small step away from the bar with each rep) and I failed on # 29 – just lost concentration a little.

Thanks Ali!

This was my first go at Isabel as well
Did it with 115# thinking it was going to be next to impossible considering that was my previous 1RM for snatch. Form was “questionable”, however no failed reps..
Completed in 7:24
@Alvaro way to stick it out till the end!!
Thanks Ali, Good tunes!

Alvaro, your last two sentences say it all.
Those are the days that make us mentally strong.

7:54 @ 67lbs.
Thank you Michelle for the push and for making sure my technique was the best I could at 6am.
Great job Adelle and the rest of the gang!

First go at Isabel….5:22 @ 75# I should have tried 80 but form was already questionable.
Thanks Ali for the tips.

6:34 @ 62#. First time ever doing snatch, great introduction… Not. Really need to work on form and being patient with raising the bar.

Thanks for the visuals Ali!

figured I’d skip this one to give my lower back a bit more time to heal up.

~5km run instead in about 28:00 minutes. Might’ve been faster had my dog not wanted to stop a sniff around a few times along the way 🙂

You’re a beast Chad! Nice one.

4:06 at 95#
Should have gone heavier.

7:55 as rx’d all power snatches, no squats (YES!)
No failed attempts, this was nice too.

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