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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, March 5, 2009


 5 Rounds for max reps:

Bench Press, body weight


Coach’s notes:  This is not a timed workout.  Post reps for each set and total to comments.


Compare to July 21, 2008

Due to city inspection and equipment shipment delays we will need to delay our CFC HQ opening by one week.  Classes will be operating out of OPT as usual from March 1, – March 7, 2009.  Official opening of the new facility will be on Sunday, March 8.  Membership fees will be prorated to reflect this delay.  For more information or inquiries please contact admin@crossfitcalgary.ca

CFC HQ will be hosting a gymnastics certification on July 25 and 26.  Click here for more details and to register.


Comments: 6

190lb, 61PU, 25 BP
If only I weighed less…

Stacey & Chantal
21, 15, 9 reps of 85 lbs clean, double unders, push-ups

Stacey 13:59, 82.5 lbs
Chantal 14:00, 80 lbs, push-ups from knees

Neil BP 115 lbs 15/17/15/12/11
Kipping pullups 6/10/12/11/8
Judy BP 22 lbs 8/17/20/21/18
Pullups blue band 17/6/9/10/11

BP 32lbs (yes, that is my body weight 🙂 ) – 32/32/36/31/32
PU (blue and green band) – 29/19/21/23/26

Neil this was an historical day for you!! way to go!!! Never less than 10 kipping pull ups again!!!

Me BP 115# 17/12/14/11/10
PU = 20/20/16/19/18 Off course I ripped my hand in the last set of PU. F…..

Was a great work out. Thanks James for the push!

thanks Alvaro, finally after two years I was able to string a bunch of pu’s together, thanks to James for that little tip that put it all together, now on to conquering DU’s…. and MU’s…. and HSPU’s and …..so on …..

really good class with lots of good efforts by all!

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