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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 rounds for time(s):

Row 250 m

15 Toes to Bar

Rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:  Post times for each set and total to comments.

Comments: 18

my favorite picture yet!
Even when he’s resting, Kris still gets full hip extension!

post filthy fifties!

matty- thanks man!

audra- this pic is for you!

that is a very good pic!

Adelle as rx’d 23:21
Rick substituted chin ups for Toes to Bar 17:00

Followed by tabata push ups, just for fun
Rick 66 Adelle 63 (last 6 rounds from the knees my shoulders were toast)
Hope you are feeling better DJ. Thanks Colin.

Steve G, send me an email when you have a chance
jansen at shaw dot ca

When Michelle and I saw Kris like this our first thought was not concern over whether he was ok, but WHERE IS THE CAMERA!!!! Although Michelle did put the KB in the door so Kris was no longer propping it open.

17:54 total time… so 9:54 working time.
rounds times (row times): 1:26 (49.8), 1:35 (50.6), 2:16 (51.5), 2:24 (54.7), 2:13 (54.9)
big increase in time starting in round 3 as rounds 1 and 2 were toes to bar unbroken with no swings. when i had to break up round 3 a lot i decided to back the row off just a bit. i think it helped a little.

22:14 total time – thanks Kris.
Great picture, the crawl to the door was also entertaining.

I’m thinking I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy either ’cause my first reaction was to giggle….I LOVE IT!! Without a doubt Kris, my favorite CFC pic so far!

Round times: 1:29, 1:27, 2:01, 2:16, 2:06; total time: 17:19
Toes to bar got really hard around round three.

Steve and I are planning on hitting some of the sectional WODS saturday and sunday this weekend, for fun obviously and as a challenge. If anyone else has been looking and wanted to give them a try please come by as well and we will hit them as a group. Probably get to the first class saturday and work through open gym, then hit the other chipper sunday.
Should be fun, so if anyone is interested cmon out.

Neil – 2:21(49.1), 2:44(55.08), 2:03(55.7), 2:13(55.2), 2:09(53.2)
rounds 1&2 was 15 toes to bar, rounds 3 to 5 was 10 toes to bar- did not hit bar all the time. Total work time – 11:30
Judy – 10 toes to bar for all rounds (did not hit bar for most rds, I was able to do this movement at one time but have lost it??) – 2:07/2:13/2:13/2:16/2:23 – did not keep track of rows. Total work time – 10:45
Thanks Kris for all your help, we always get alot out of your coaching.

18:39 total time – 15 t2b for first and last round. 10 t2b for other rounds.
Thanks for the rowing tips Kris! I felt that it made a difference.

19:16 (11:16 working time)
In round 4 I switched grips. This switched my brain to k2e for 3 reps but still did full 15 t2b to stay legit.
Tried shorter stroke for row but this meant increasing stroke rate. I think this wore me out sooner than usual.

Judy – total time correction – 11:12

Ok well i really suck at toes to bar.

Rows: 45.0/46.0/47.2/47.6/49.1
Rounds: 2:14/2:35/2:31/3:29/2:57
= 13:46 working (21:46)

Loved the row/SDLHP analogy in reference to stroke length Kris! smart.

Adjusted toes to bar reps to 11. Completed workout in 18:23.

20:48 Total time.
After the first round had to sub T2B for sit ups (45 each round) due to ongoing shoulder issue. Thanks Kris! Great class.

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