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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A.  Split Jerk – 2 reps X 6 sets, rest 2:00

B.  On the minute for 10 minutes

  5 Hang Squat Clean – 135#/95#


Coach’s notes:  Post loads for A and notes regarding sets for B to comments.

Compare the split jerk to  February 15, 2011

Comments: 21

A. 3×5 sets with 2 min rest
B. Used 42#
fun class and great coaching Michelle and Colin.

A) 3x5sets 2 min rest
next time more weight
great class and thanks for all the help Michelle and Colin

A. worked up to 155 – ran out of time….too much chat and not enough lift 🙂
B. as rx’d….. F-U-N

A. Worked up to 56 lbs – thanks Tammy!
B. @ 42 lbs – did first 3 sets as 5’s then moved to 3’s. Phew!
Super fun class!
Krista and Audra – your PR’s this afternoon in the back squats @ 215 and 210…

A: 65/95/105/95/95 poor form.
B: Scaled to 95# Could have done more weight.
Nevertheless , a fun class.

a. got up to 205
b. as rx’d

A: got to 140 easily, running out of time, jumped to 150 – failed
B: 100 lbs. – did 3 reps in round 9

John, are you saying it would have been more fun with more weight?

Wow, hadn’t done either of these is a long time.
Needed to practice – stayed light….
A. Worked up to 59#
B. Used 42# – should have gone heavier but was struggling with form at the beginning.
Great class for practice, thanks DJ!

A. 115×2/135×2/155×2/165×2/185×2/192.5×2 PR (last PR for one was 190#). thanks DJ!!!
B. Did hang power cleans. Did not read carefully

b.135 as rxd…9th and 10th rounds I dropped the weight twice and had to do a clean from the floor


Neil – \
A. worked up to 155 lbs
B. used 115 lbs but did not do all rds
A. worked up to 62 lbs
B. 42 lbs
Thanks DJ..good luck with the regionals!

A. 2 reps X 6 sets @ 105lbs, failure point = wrists
B. completed @85lbs

Felt super gassed from the warmup, bummer = me.

A worked up to 70lbs
B started at 60, worked down to 40.

At home; only did A as back started to feel tight, so decided to skip part B.
55/65/75/85/90/95/100 (f)
(It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much weight overhead. Was really hoping to reach the 100# mark to get over a mental hump. Back didn’t feel good having the weight in the rack position; still tried the lift but was too scared to get enough speed/power)

A – 95/105/115/115/115/125
B – scaled to 95#, made it through the first 7 rounds anywhere between 18-25 seconds. round 8 and 9 were closer to 30, and round 10 was around 40. Dropped the weight twice in that last round; grip was failing me.

A: 155/175/185/195 x 2 : Ran out of time.

A. Worked up to 145 – got 1st, failed on 2nd/repeated failed again on 2nd – next time!!!
PR’d back squat in afternoon – forgot about my split jerk!!! 🙂
B. As rx’d…. FUN!!! Legs fried. Thanks Laura for 9:30!! Thanks Brett for this aft!
Great job 9:30ers!! Tammy, I saw you sweat! Rhiannon You did awesome! Especially B.!

B: 135 as Rx’d
C: Bench Press – 185/205/215/225/235

Thanks DJ.

A: Stayed at 65 and just practiced..I need to bend my back leg and not over extend my hip. I also need to work on my flexibility.
B: Stayed light too because I felt like it – 75#
Thanks for the tips DJ, they are appreciated!

A. up to 135 X2 getting more confident with this lift
B. as rx’d later in the afternoon – between 11-14 secs/round…and a ‘lil back squat PR (210) 🙂
Sweet pic Katie!! Hot!

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