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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, March 18, 2010

For sets:

1.  AMRAP Double Unders, 15 reps unbroken in 5 minutes

3:00 rest

2.  AMRAP Bench Press, 5 reps unbroken in 5 minutes

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 135 lbs and gals 85 lbs for bench press.  Post number of sets completed for each to comments.

Comments: 23

Thank you Michelle and Colin for the wicked awesome workout (and by that I mean painful and sweaty, Ha!)
5 Rounds of 15 Burpies, 10 Toes-to-Bar (or in my case, feet-slightly-above-hang), 15 DB Push Press; 90 seconds rest between rounds. 18:31
The 5 mins of Double Unders at the end was like the cherry on the top of the ice cream cake I feel I deserve after that WOD. 180 DUs

Message for Amy Lafleche…
Amy, my hard drive crashed. Please don’t delete those files you sent me. My stuff is gone. You can contact me at maria at your style matters dot vpweb dot ca.

Many thanks…

It was a really tough one this morning, but fun too!
5 rounds for time of 15 burpees, 10 Toes to Bar, 15 DB Push Press 90 sec rest
Followed by AMRAP in 5 minutes of 15 unbroken DU’s

Rick subbed Pull-ups for Toes to bar, 25# Push Press
DU 9rounds of 15 unbroken plus 12 and 11

Adelle 20# for push press
DU 11 rounds of 15 unbroken plus 6, I love DU’s
Thanks Michelle & Colin

No worries, Maria. Sorry to hear about your computer. I’ve resent them, so if for whatever reason you don’t get them, let me know.

12 rounds of DU’s
Bench Press: 75# x2 rounds then failed on 5th rep of 3rd round
65# x1 + 3reps and ran out of time.

Question on the scoring.
If you were to do 45 DU’s unbroken would this count as 3 or after each 15 unbroken do you stop count 1 and start again?

You have to stop after every 15. If you can stop the rope for less than a one count, go for it!

Power Cleans 6/6/6/6/6/6
2 min rest
DU 18 sets
3 min rest
Bench Press 11 sets+4 reps

Did some power clean work then:

as many sets of 5DU in 5 mins; got 11 and went like 1DU 1 skip
3 min rest
Bench Press @ 75X5, 75X5, 75X2, 70X2, 65X2, 65X2 BP was not going well so rested about 3 mins again then tried again…
Got 5sets at 55lbs in 5 mins

Thanks for the GREAT coaching, and push Michelle!!! I really needed it tonight!

As Rx’d:
Double Unders: 13 sets
Bench Press: 4 sets; 4 reps/fail; 3 reps/fail

Barbell TT Homework:

OH squat: 85 (pr)
Clean pull: 140 (pr)
Weighted back extension: 50 (pr)
Dips: used purple band for all sets on rings. I may have done 2 reps @ bw. I find dips much easier on the bars.

Barbell Targeted Training

OH Squat 3 RM: 120 (PR) (125X2)
Clean Pull 3 RM: 165 (hard to tell when it stops being a pull and becomes a deadlift)
Ring Dips 3 RM: 32.5 (PR) (35X1)
Weighted Back Ext. 3 RM: 50

DUs: 12sets
Bench press @ 75lbs: 8 sets
Thanks so much Michelle for spotting and the push. It really helped!!

Judy – DU’s: 2 sets plus alot of broken DU’s
Bench Press: 22 lb 4 sets; 11 lbs 7 sets

As rx’d
DU’s – 16 sets
Bench – 10 sets

As rx’d
DUs 13 sets
BP 4 sets, 3 reps/fail, 2 reps/fail

as rx’d
DU’s 10 Sets, failed on 15 of set 11
BP 3 sets, 4/fail 3/fail

Part TT Barbell Homework: 7 sets/3
Ring Dips: 20/25/30/35/40/40/45(1 only)
Back Extensions: 35/45/55/65/75/75/75
(still need to do squats)

Part 1 of WOD: 14 sets
*had to run before I got to do BP!!!*

Neil – DU’s: big fat zero, spent 5 minutes flailing the floor with the skipping rope and occassionally getting a couple DU’s… back to DU spaz mode…
BP – 125# 7 Rds thanks again Ryan for the spotting/encouragement…

TT Strength Class
Deadlift 135/185/225/275/315/325/335
Pullups 45/50/55/60/65/70/70

As RX’d:

DU’s are good some days and horrible others….today was horrible.

DU’s: 2 sets
BP: 9 sets

Thanks Neil for the spot and Michelle for the great class!!

How many bench sets did Garret do??

did this on 3/25…

15 sets of DU’s

6 sets of bench press, failed rep 5 of 7th set. scaled to 95lbs. arms were fried from DU’s and def had an affect on the bench.

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