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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, March 12, 2009


5 rounds for time(s):


20 pull-ups

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Squats

Rest 3:00 minutes


Coach’s notes:  Post time for each set and total to comments.

Compare to April 29, 2008

Reminder to all members and drop ins – please sign for each class.  Thanks!


Comments: 20

this is quite a streak we are on here… monday’s wod, michelle and now barbara.


Watch this, if you don’t get cold chills then check for a pulse…

OPT trailer for upcoming Crossfit movie…

“Elizabeth” (21-15-9 of 135lb cleans and ring dips) as Rx’d. 13:17.
(I generally stopped posting as I’ve been following the “Crossfit Strength Bias” program out of the crossfit journal. But since today was a benchmark/named WOD…)

Adding and subtracting time can be as painful as crossfit!

Here is a link that makes life easy:



All pull ups assisted with green band.

Round 1: 5.58
Round 2: 5.54
Round 3: 7.58
Round 4: 4.27 (Push up modified)
Round 5: 5.30 (Push up modified)

Total time: 29.47

Enjoyed the new box. Lots more room to lie down.
1-3:28, 2-6:17, 3-7:04, 4-7:09, 5-6:37
All-in 42:35.
Did a good job kipping on the pull-ups but found this left me nothing for sit-ups.
Push-ups faded pretty quickly too.

First time doing this one as rx’d, pretty nasty on the grip!
1/ 5:11 2/ 5:23 3/ 6:36 4/ 6:30 5/ 7:26 total time 31:04

1-4:46, 2-5:03, 3-5:28, 4-6:00, 5-6:01
Total workout time = 39:18
The new facility is great!

5:13 / 6:19 / 8:16 / 9:33 / 9:26
(push ups from knees, green band)

Taking the rest out makes it 28:00 min
Very good for me. Did 15 pull ups in a row the first 4 rounds and 20 in a row on the last one. And came up with the “monkey” squat 🙂

rd 1 – 2:20
rd 2- 3:00
rd 3 – 6:14
rd 4- 6:11
rd 5 – 6:09

Rd 1 and 2 all unbroken sets…by round 3 everything fell apart…my push ups were sets of 3 and 2…in fact I was so gassed by round 3 I seriously thought a long time about quitting after this round…tough WOD to get through…

Neil – 6:04, 8:21, 9:34, 9:36, 9:50 = 43:25
Judy – blue band pullups, pushups from toes
6:53, 7:47, 9:04, 9:18, 10:16 = 43:18

What a disaster for me. Hit it pretty hard, probably too hard.

first round 3:02, second round 3:09……and that was it. I was defeated…..son-ofa!!! Two rounds wiped me worse than my first Crossfit wod ever.
I feel shame. 😉

6:24, 7:02, 9:23 10:08, 10:20= 43:17
Used blue band for rd 1 and then switched to green band. Pull ups took a verrrry lonnnggg time.

4:21/6:06/6:27/6:41/6:19 = 42:00
Minus the rest 30:00

Pretty much everything was tough from the get go for me. But my goal was 30 min, and I squeezed it out on the last set of squats.

Steve and Blaine, feel no shame! You are by far not the first person to have found this to be one of the toughest. I only made it to the 3rd round last time then into the bushes. I’m certain the same has happened to Mike F, OPT and Sweeney probably spent 45 minutes lying in a dark room one time.

Modified: Jumping pull-ups, 15# DB shoulder press for pushups
3:46 / 4:28 / 5:21 / 5:29 / 5:18
Shoulder press killed -couldn’t put 3 in a row by the last 2 rounds.
Only reason last round was faster — the thought that it was over!

thx intent…it was challenging to say the least…what I forgot to mention was me bent over outside for 15 minutes with the worst headache….also from round 3 on…I had cramping in my feet and my kidney’s were throbbing…add to the fact I am recovering from bronchitis…I could not breathe….this WOD is tough…

Blaine…you may have only did 2 rounds…but your times for those rounds were impressive 🙂 no shame in that…

Did this on Tuesday
3:25, 4:28, 4:16, 4:12, 4:04

Judy – whoops just noticed…pushups from knees

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