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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, March 10, 2011

  1. 13 Pull-ups on the minute for 10 minutes
Rest 5:00
B.  18 Wallballs (unbroken) X 10 sets, rest 60s exactly
Coachs notes:  Post notes to comments.
This is a progression from March 2, 2011

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Wow Katie, are you doing a triple? Amazing height.
Did this one at 6 a.m. and my arms are weary to even type on the keyboard.
A. Pull-ups were kipping until rounds 9 & 10 when I used the purple band.
The 13 in a row without a break in round one was a PB for me.
B. Used the 8# ball and hated every minute of it. I can always use wallball practice.
Thanks for a great class Ali and Colin.
Good work Keith (those wallballs were amazing), Rob, Ashley and Jen.

A. all unbroken around 22 sec for each set
B. all unbroken 20# Total time = 14:03
This was much more difficult than March 2…. I hoping there isn’t a progression next week 🙂
Thanks Todd

Nice hops Katie!

Adelle – It was amazing watching you do your kipping pull-ups…way to go.

A. Did 6 reps assisted pull-ups with blue band (should’ve done 8 reps)
B. Did 18 reps the first set and then 15 reps unbroken with a 6lb wallball. Thanks for the push Kris and Ali!
I hated the first WOD of this progression and I hated this even more. Was literally seeing stars and fighting the urge to see Pukie for the first time. But strangely it was fun?!

A. 13×3 + 1min rest + 11×4 + ANOTHER min rest + 11×3 = 116 pull ups
B. 18# ball 9 rds of 18reps + last rd 25 reps. Thanks Trevor for doing an extra two rds to help me finish

A. as rx’d …need to work at getting into a rhythm (or a trance maybe??) when I get tired
B. only had time (thank goodness) for 6 rounds as rx’d
many hand tears later……thanks Brett!

@ Rhiannon- thinking you might be able to “influence” Coach a bit for some “kinder” wods??!! 🙂

A.10 PU’s/rd with blue band = 100 pullups
B. 18 lb ball – 15 reps/rd – all unbroken
A. 10×3 with blue band, missed rd 4 to get green band(no purples left), 10×6 = 90 pullups
B. 8 lb ball – 10 reps/rd – all unbroken

A: 13/13/13/7+2+1+1+1+1
screwed around with purple band
green band – 7/10
no band – 10/7/10
Tried to use bands to keep reps at 13. I’ve never really used them much and they did more harm than good. Last week 10 reps was doable. Going with 11 reps would have been progression enough for me.

B: 16 lbs X18X3
16 lbsX14X1
12 lbs X13-14 for rest
Too much progression for me.

@ Rhiannon, you are now officially one of us…welcome;)

Did the March 2 version of this workout: 10 pullups/set and 15 wallballs/set.

A. First set with a blue band, the next nine with blue & purple.
B. 6# wallball. Next time I should go heavier because I managed 42 unbroken on the last set.

Thanks for the wallball advice, Brett – the difference in technique was like night & day and my knee didn’t give me any grief during the workout. Good work tonight, ladies & gents!

Back after sickness.

Weakass pullups, like 4 or 5 at a time, with bands. I felt like a cripple.
Wallballs with 8lbs, all unbroken, yay.

A: First 6 rounds UB, 7 and 8 were split 7/6 and the last two rounds were a desperate attempt to hit 10 reps.
B: 10 rounds UB w/ 20#
C: Paced Alvaro another two rounds, one @ 18 reps and the last @ 25. Way to push through at the end Alvaro!
Great workout, thanks Brett!

A. 13/13/13/10/10/10/10/10/10/13
Rounds 1-5 blue band assisted. Round 6 to 10 blue + purple

B. Wallball 12, 5 rounds unbroken, 6th round broken.
Decided to change wallball to 10 for rounds 7-10, still only 14 unbroken.

Thanks Todd for the great class!

A. Tried my butterfly again 5 rounds UB the rest started butterfly then just kipped remainder 8/5, 7/6, 6/7, *could feel my hands blistering* did 7/2/2/2’s for last 2 sets all 2’s holding bar with my finger tips ouch – now I have blood blisters 🙁
First 5 sets under 20 sec rest 30ish last set 40 sec
B. As rx’d first 5, rounds 6,7, broken at 12, round 8 tried 12 lb ball UB, went back to 14 lb for rounds 9,10 broken
I think I have flu … Unless this just THAT awful that I’ve been in bed for rest of day nauseous
Thanks Todd! Great job 9:30ers – mikey & Kevin your wall balls are insane!

Great photo!! Nice Katie!!

A – 4 rounds with a blue band, finished off with a green band.
B – all unbroken w/ 20# ball. times were 37/34/35/34/35/39/37/37/37/38

Would’ve tried to do an AMRAP on the last round, but quite honestly the 18 I did *were* AMRAP! 🙂

The inevitable next step of this progression is going to hurt.

Thanks Brett!

A. Wow, so much harder than 10 reps! Pretty sure all sets were broken, used blue + purple band but had to break in set 7 to get a green one.
B. 6lb ball, last 2 sets were unbroken, times were 56/54/35/41/41/38/41/36/35/38
Thanks Brett!

TT homework + part B of WOD
B: all unbroken with 10#
thanks Brett

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