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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, June 25, 2020

7 rounds for time(s) of:

13 Burpees to Plate – 45#/ 25#
15 Dumbbell Deadlift – 50#/35#/hand
17 Med Ball Cleans – 20#/14#
REST 2:00

Coach’s notes:

Post time per round and total working time to comments.

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Comments: 12

30:44 Rx’d (18:44 working time)
That hurt
Thanks Colin, great job 9:30am crew

R1: 1:46-3:46 -> Round time: 1:46
R2: 5:28-7:28 -> Round time: 1:42
R3: 9:11-11:11 -> Round time: 1:43
R4: 13:02-15:02 -> Round time: 1:51
R5: 17:28-19:28 -> Round time: 2:26
R6: 21:53-23:53 -> Round time: 2:25
R7: 25:39 -> Round time: 1:46

Total Time: 25:39
Total working time: 13:39

Dude, today’s WOD was amazing.

You unknowingly hold your breath in the burpee was and intentionally hold your breath in the deadlift then your heart rate is completely jacked for those med ball cleans and you want to die. And 7 rounds??!?

Tried to keep up with Erica and Chita but they where way to fast for me.

Thanks OG! Great and sweaty work 9:30am!

28:?? Rx’d, slower than Colin and Jo (who crushed this!). Was a bit of a sweaty mess.
Thanks Derek!

This completely destroyed me.
40# and first round RX reps
Second round scaled reps 10/12/14
Third round scaled reps 8/10/12
Stoped there as my back was lit up and didn’t want to push it.
Jumped on assault bike while everyone was finishing the last 4 rounds and did 30 sec on 30 sec off for 20 min for 200cal this wasn’t fun but way better on the back.

Thanks OG
Great work 9:30!!!

Man that was a leg burner. 25:11tt. Too hard to keep track of round times.

Total Time 32:27 glorious minutes of drowning in my own sweat 😓
Wowsers. Great work 6:30!

18:00 TWT Rxd

That was a sweaty mess. Wasn’t sure we’d make it home without having to pull over……

Well done everyone!

Thanks Shannon

Rx: 2:10/2:25/2:40/3:15/3:48/3:43/3:30
21:31 TWT

Felt this one in the lower back right out of the gate in round one. Made the next six rounds a real joy and breathing was a luxury I was no longer afforded. Still….the back never seized up and I was able finish so I guess that’s something?

Thanks Shannon!!

Managed to convince my crew at the fire hall to join me and they counted my reps in round 5 and asked why I was doing 19 med ball cleans????!!!!!!! Switched to 17 reps for the last 2 rounds. When I was designing this WOD yesterday I was playing with the numbers and I forgot that I changed the reps to 17 and 7 rounds versus 19 reps for 6 rounds. I was looking to get 120 reps total, I even wrote the reps on the white board, what a dummy.

1. 1:44*
2. 1:45*
3. 1:48*
4. 1:49*
5. 1:56*
6. 1:48
7. 1:55
TWT = 12:45

TT 31:14

7.5# DBs, 8# med ball

Scaled to 9, 11, 13. Did that for 2 rounds and was dying so reduced to 5, 7, 9 for last 5. This one hurt to say the least. Legs were shaky at the end 😂

Thanks Shannon!

32:43 total sloshing around in my man puddle.

All the swalls!

Nice job 6:30pm

30:31 14# WB / 35# DB / 45# plate
very sweaty – however having to jump onto the plate each burpee slowed things down enough that I did not get gassed (as quickly)
the overall workout went wayyy better than expected
Great work by all the Folks at 630pm
Good camaraderie in our sweat fest!!

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