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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, June 18, 2009


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:


Pull Up

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 lbs for the thrusters.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to March 1, 2009

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Amy, I hope you see this; I left a note for you in yesterday’s post, but my post is “awaiting moderation” most likely because I added my email address.
I am just wondering if you would be willing to share more of your food journey. You definitely got me very interested. My email is “kat at nacragencies dot com”. Thanks and hope to chat with you soon…

15:08 w/ grn band assisted pu’s & 65# thrusters

Fran…I’ll see you before the week is over…
6AM class:
Part A: 3 rounds of: 12 SDLHP (75lb) + 90 sec of DU’s + 2 min rest
5 min rest
Part B: 3 rounds of: 12 DB (35lb/hand) Front squat + 90 sec of Flying Burpies + 2min rest
5 min rest
Part C: 4 x 30sec. static hold on rings.

Is happy with her FIRST rx’ed Fran at 7;16. Thanks for the great coaching (and strategy) from Michelle-you Rock and the encouragement from the LaRose Girls who rocked it out too!

Felt nauceous thinking about it for at least 7 hours prior…

Congrats Chantel! Awesome job!

Great workout with the 6:00 am crew. It is interesting to do a workout where you are not counting or really timing anything and still feel absolutely bagged at the end. Everyone should try those flying burpees…takes the burpees to a new level of hell. Thanks James

75#, 4:20
Up from 65#, 4:46 some months ago.

Not a fantastic improvement but I feel good about this anyway, particularly given yesterday’s workout. 85# sub 5 next time.

The interesting thing about Fran is you don’t realize just exactly how much pain you are in until its all said and done. Crush it folks!

I’ll do it tomorrow

20 minutes to complete.
89 pounds thrusters.
29 un-assisted pullups, the rest 80% bodyweight.

Neil as rx’d 14:08
Judy 42 lbs blue band PU 13:57
Way to go Taylor..well done!

3:56. Im as surprised as anyone. Wanted to do butterfly pulls but did all kipping. Best the thrusters have ever felt. Definite room to improve on thrusters and butterfly all the pulls. PB was 4:30 with 75# Feb 9th. Great job to everyone that smashed this out today. It only gets easier from here on out!!!!

6am as above… new meaning to effin’ burpies!

56 lbs for thrusters
blue band assisted pullups
look forward to next time “Fran”! lets hope I see an improvement!!

ps… what are flying burpees?? how are they different from regular ones?

Great job, Taylor!

I’ve always scaled Fran to 65# Thrusters and a 75# assist on the graviton machine at the YMCA.

Today, I scaled 65# Thrusters and grabbed a green band for the pullups.


A bit slower than my last Fran, but since the scaling was different, I think that accounts for it.

Krista, I’ll show you what they are next class. You’ll love them! ha!

6:27 as rx’d

Around 12:32??? as rx’d.
Things got blurry at the end due to having about 30 additional cleans from dropping the bar.

7:47 as rx’d.

My last Fran was 8:23 out of a rack, so I’ll consider this a win. Not as big of a win as Taylor, but it’ll do. The second set of thrusters was definitely the slowest part. I need to work on doing my thrusters without fully racking the weight, but I think my thrusters have still improved a lot since March.

See tomorrow June 19

good job taylor…sub 4 min is a good time…

Injured elbow still giving pain.

as rx’d 8:57
Thanks DJ. My last Fran was 9:10.
Felt like puking for 45 min after. Hated it!
Less than a year ago I was around 16 min

Blaine: 5:35 PR
Rebecca: 7:41 PR

Used 44# for thrusters and green band for pull-ups

D 6 am class w James.


10:31 used 45lbs for thrusters and pink-band assisted PU

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