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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, June 11, 2009

32 Back Squat

9 Ring Dips

21 Back Squat

15 Ring Dips

15 Back Squats

21 Ring Dips

9 Back Squats

32 Ring Dips


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 155 lbs and gals 105lbs for back squat.  Post time to complete to comments.


Compare to January 21, 2009


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Comments: 17

6am class
200m run
3 rnds;
8 pull ups
16 OHS squats
200m run
3 rnds;
16 lunges
200m run
3 rnds;
8 pull ups
16 squats
200m run

front squats instead of OHS – 22lbs, blue band assisted for pull ups, 1 pood for KBS

6am class, per Amy’s description
KBS at 1.5 pood
OHS at 32 lb

AM session was also wrapped up with 100 GHD Sit-ups.

subbed bar dipps 1:1

6 am class (thanks Amy!)
OHS at 22 lb
KBS at 1 pood
plus 70 GHD Sit-ups

14:45 for the 9:30 am class.
Used 44# for back squat and did jumping ring dips.

*Coaching from Chantel and Evan was great! They were very encouraging and Chantel provided excellent instruction on the exercises!*

26 Minutes to Complete. I feel like I could have gone faster, yet I’m still really pooped.

Used 105lbs for Back Squats.

Modified: BS 95#, Push-ups for ring dips. 18:22
8 minute mark with “only” 32 push-ups to go. Took me 10 minutes – couldn’t put 2 together by the end. A lot of “oh darn” coming out those last 10 minutes…..

as Rx’d 20:18. I will admit that I am still just dying from monday and tuesday, even with a rest day yesterday. Managed 22 squats on round 1, and did all 9 dips unbroken. Never did less than 4 or 5 squats, but was doing single ring dips for the last 23.

Scaled to 125# squats and jumping ring dips.


modified: 17:09…… BS 105 as Rx…..ring dips 9 and 15 done as Rx ( may not have got down to bicep with each, 21 and 32 reps- eccentric lowering to bicep touching ring.

Scaled to 135# squats
Ring dips were a few singles here and there, but were mainly ring lowers.


did 205lb dead lifts instead of squats…

19mins… 135lb squat, toe touch on dips

155# squats
bar dips replaced ring dips 1:1.

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