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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 9, 2020

7 rounds for time(s) of:

Run 400m
10 Toes to Bar
10 Power Snatch – 95#/65#
REST 2:00

Coach’s notes:

Post time per round and total working time to comments.

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Comments: 10

30:15 Rx’d (22:15 working), I skipped a lot of rest. It was apparent pretty early that if I wanted to finish I’d need to short the rests, so rests were 2:00/1:30/1:30/1:30/1:30/0. Runs very slow, T2B and snatch all unbroken (except my poor hands). Rounds were pretty consistently around 3 min.
Thanks Colin!

Around 37 minutes total (25 minutes working = about 3:30 per set). Runs felt slow – maybe something to do with calves that are still in pain from the double unders this week. T2B started to get sloppy as my grip faded and snatches felt OK @ 75#. Grip was the weak link. Definitely not as fit as I have been for this kind of workout.

R1: 2:31-4:31 = 2:31
R2: 7:25-9:25 = 2:54
R3: 12:20-14:20 = 2:55
R4: 17:25-19:25 = 3:05
R5: 22:52-24:52 = 3:27
R6: 28:09-30:11 = 3:17
R7: 33:13 = 3:02

Total time = 33:13, total working time = 21:13

Started off running to fast off the first round, Wanted to keep up with Brett, but dude is to fit.

All the T2B were unbroken but killed my grip on the power snatches. Rounds 1,2,3,4 snatches were unbroken, the rest were done in 2 sets. My grip is not what is used to be and my running… Need to recognize it was 7 rounds and should have paced more off the start.

Thanks coach Josh! Chita you are so fast. Great work 9:30am

1. 2:21
2. 2:34
3. 2:35
4. 2:47
5. 3:07
6. 3:01
7. 2:55
TWT = 19:20
Finally felt like I was able to work to my capacity with this one……..which made it hard. Great work Crew, thanks Coach Josh.


First round snatches @ 65# then switched to 55#

Switched to candlesticks after 2 rounds to save my hands. Figured this would happen but thought they’d hold out a bit longer.

Small but tough 5:15 class.

Nice job on the runs Geoff. Never could quite catch you.

Thanks Shannon!

Well that did nothing to make me feel better about myself….even scaling to what I thought was an appropriate 75lbs didn’t help me on this one. Started strong with what felt like a decent pace and then fell off the cardio cliff in round four and watched everyone blow past me over the next three rounds. Thanks to a severe lack of oxygen, and even more severe lack of positive self image, I was in a near full-blown anxiety attack by the end of the final round.
TWT: 27:34

Thanks Shannon, for keeping me going.

Tough one! Good one!


– T2B were trying to get feet as high as possible, and some were close to knee-ups. I think the last 2-3 rounds were broken into 2 sets of 5
– Snatches were @ 55#, I did 2 sets of 5 in last 2-3 rounds

A big thanks to Shannon for the push and really keeping me going tonight! Great support from the small and mighty group too! So much appreciated!

Great job everyone!

TT 39:22

300m rows
Knee bend v-ups
21# snatches

Welp that was hard. My first WOD that I puked a bit after. Holy cannoli haha. Still liked it though!

Thanks Shannon!

Did not expect this to go as well as it did. Wasn’t feeling like the body was up for it, but once I got into it it felt good. Did the first round Rxd, was all singles on the barbell, hard NO on that one, stripped it down to 75# for the rest of the WOD. All T2B unbroken. 34:53 Total time. 22:53 TWT. Rounds were: 3:37, 2:55, 3:05, 3:20, 3:27, 3:05, 3:24. Rounds were not super consistent. I thought I pushed really good on the last round, but according to my times that’s a funny joke.

Almost didn’t come, but needed this mentally and physically tonight. Glad I did. Thanks for being there everyone. There was some super great work tonight. Thought Sid, Chaman, and Sarah especially were really sending it when I happened to be coherent enough to notice. Great work. Thanks Shannon.

did 4 rounds consistently, then the 5th my lower back kinda blew up during the run, did V ups, then 10 snatches at 55#
took a 5 minute rest, then did round 6, with Vups
tough on the bod tonight.
thanks for the encouragement Shannon,
good work 630 pm –

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