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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:


1 Pull-Up, 1 Push-Up, 1 Squat

2 Pull-Up, 2 Push-Up, 2 Squat

3 Pull-Up, 3 Push-Up, 3 Squat

   4 Pull-Up, 4 Push-Up, 4 Squat…


Coach’s Notes:  Post the round you reach to comments.


Important Reminder – the holiday class schedule will be in place for the upcoming holiday on Monday August 3rd.  The 9:30 am and 6:00 pm class will be available for member attandance.


Comments: 11

As Rx’d
14 rounds +2

Fly through the first 8 then the rest i broke the pull ups in two and the push ups were broken into two around round 12, altogether it was an awsome WOD looking forward to another like this one

As Rx’d

11 Rounds. Could have done better by being more efficient with the pull-ups.
Really need to learn how to kip properly!

Pull ups blue band assisted up to round of 4, green band assisted after that
Completed round of 12 as well as 13 pull ups, 13 push ups and 7 squats


10 rounds +7 pull ups- with full pull ups, modified push ups.

Hands are destroyed!!!

6am class:
3 rnds; 12 SDLHP @ 47# / 1 min. burpies / 2 min. rest
3 rnds; goblet squats @ .7 pood / 1 min double unders / 2 min. rest
5 rnds; 20 back ext./20 squats/20 abmat sit ups

17 rounds + 12 pull-ups
Push-ups really slowed me down a ton

18 rds. First workout in a week so I didnt really push it. Was at 14 at minute 9, didnt want to go nuts first day out the gates. I will come with the A game tomorrow. Thanks for the handstand help Chantal, its on my new to do list.

14 + 4 pull ups

15 rounds + 9 pullups

Pushups got bad a lot faster than I thought they would. Pullups felt pretty strong for the whole workout though.

Got to ten rounds in about 10 minutes. My left hand callouses tore on the fifth pullup of the 10th round. I taped it up and decided to stop after finishing that round to be good to go for next week.

15 rds +3 pull ups

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