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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Super Dooper Aucoin!

1 round for time: 

2000 m row

150 sit ups

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

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Well that’s just about the worst picture of me ever. I mean, I look like an alien…

Nice Tan Geoff!

8:16 row – 21:10 total

7:19 for 2000m row (PR by 3 sec)
12:23 total

that’s what happens when you leave your camera out!
13:30 as rx’d
first time ever rowing for 2K and it showed…7:47 for the row and then my usual slow anchored sit ups
calf strain from last week hasn’t competely healed and I sure felt it after the row.

Odd question but does anyone out there know if the Cresent Heights classes are running and was there one last week?

The outdoor classes are going on…and there was one last week…the first of the summer session…there is one tonight at 6 pm…c’mon out and give it a try…they are tough…

thanks Steve but I’m working. Someone called and said she couldn’t find the group last week. Todd is going to wear a big CFC Cowboy hat from now on!

Row 7:32 (PR)
Total 18:37

Outdoor class:


20 pushups
20 rope jumps
60 overhead walking lunges

3 rounds


8 band resisted 70 meter sprints (4 forward sprints and 4 backward sprints)
This was done with a resistance band around waist and partner pulling back as you run…by round 3 I was almost power puking

At the end of each sprint the partner who was holding the band had to complete a band resistance exercise which consisted of SDLHP, pushups, pull-downs and squats…

My partner and I used a 75lb resistance band and completed the WOD in 20:26 (we did an extra exercise just for fun…why I have no clue)

Very tough WOD….

9:20 minute row; for 18 minutes total
warm up was 1 mile run for 9:03minutes

DJ – 12:22 as Rx’d (7:00 2000m row )
Brittany – 12:32 as Rx’d (9:04 2000m row)

Neil – 17:05 as Rx’d (8:05 2000m row)
Judy – 15:28 as RX’D (finally) 9:11 2000m row!!

Trevor, I forgot my sunny glasses on the little table by the rowers. Would you please put them in the office and I will come and pick them up sometime over the next few days. Thanks!!! Judy

14:35 (7:50 row)

Situps killed me after being off for a while.

WOD as rx’d 12:18 (with a sore tailbone from a previous workout!)

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