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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Rounds for reps:


1:00 Double Unders


1:00 Rest 


Coach’s notes:  Post number of reps per set and total to comments.


Compare to March 10, 2009


Important Reminder – CFC is hosting a gymnastics certification this upcoming weekend and therefore all classes on Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26 will be cancelled (with the exception of the POSE running class which will run as scheduled).  For more information on the certification click here.

Comments: 19

6am WOD
20 minutes:
30s Wall Balls (12#) / 30s Rest / 30s KB Swings (1 pood, 0.7 pood) / 30s Rest
2 minute rest
100 OH Walking Lunges w. 10#

Hmm, today was supposed to be a rest day, but I always enjoy this one. Maybe I’ll have to show up late and get it done.

9: 30 Am class with Todd.

20 minutes (10 rounds for total)

30secs Wall Balls/30 secs Rest/30secs Rest/KB Swings/30 secs Rest

Walls Balls (14#) Total: 165
KB Swings (1.25 pood) Total: 167

2 min rest

100 OH Walking Lung with Wall Ball 14#.

Great way to wake up and now, I am ready for my day!
Thanks Todd, for a great class again.

As Rx’d: 66/64/59/60/60/60/57/60/60/66. Total: 612 (PR)
Forearm fatigue is still the limiting factor.

as required 70/80/80/75/80/70/80/75/75/80 total 765

396…more for next time…..

Nothing fancy. Lots of technique required.
18, 17, 11, 17, 26, 22, 21, 14, 10, 11



60 per round, 600 total, forearms destroyed last couple rounds. Never done it so this was a good starting place

Very weak outing for this guy 319

396. Forearms and calves were really tired at end of it. Need to work on not jumping so high when tired.

79/82/75/74/60/67/65/70/69/78 = 719…thx for a great class tonight Laura!!!

Even After this 10 min wod, I was in no way able to channel Buddy Lee (maybe my lucky rope really wasnt MY lucky rope) and my numbers suck way too much to post…thanks for trying Laura!

Great work in class tonight everyone–keep working on those double unders and don’t get frustrated–stay relaxed and zen-like!


101/96/86/77/80/75/70/76/76/73 = 807

I started well with a minute straight of DUs the first round, but the forearms got tired pretty fast. Round 7 the rope got wrapped around my foot, costing me about 10 seconds and messing up the round. But like Laura said, you have to expect one rope mishap in this workout…

PR by about 20, and I made my goal of over 800.

I failed at using the calculator though. Actual total of 810.

Congratulations Cory, that is amazing!!


Not so good at the DU. Cool workout though, excellent practice, and I’m interested to see how I feel tomorrow.

3 muscle ups on 3 attempts too. Getting better.

475. Last time was 462. Slow improvement but in the right direction I guess

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