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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 21, 2011


5 rounds for time:

400 m Run

15 OHS

Coach’s notes: Guys use 95 lbs and gals use 60 lbs for overhead squats, or scale if needed. Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to July 15, 2010

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Comments: 25

At the resport gym in Spain…
3 rounds of
400 m row
15 DB push press
21 KB swings

Used 10 kg DB for pp as that was the biggest small diamater DB they had and a 16 kg massive DB for KB swings (the weight was so big that it didn’t fit between my legs)
Finished in 12:37 agonizing minutes
I’m still not 100% adjusted to the time zone, and the humid heat was brutal, even at 8 AM. Tough life, I know.

Sure got a few strange looks and was asked by the concerned persnal trainer if I really was ok.
Well off to the shower, AMAZING breakfast buffet, and then the beach! Sorry guys that you can’t be here; it’s incredible!

19:40 as rx’d.
No breakfast buffet or beach here at the office…

16:20 @ 42#
OHS is my nemesis! Thanks Laura and Colin!

17:20 @ 32 lbs followed by a GREAT coffee chat with Adelle.
No time zone issues. (keep having fun, Katrin)
Thank you, Laura and Colin.

20:47 @ 52#
round 4 & 5 dropped to 42# because my opposite shoulder started hurting and didnt want to deal with another injury.
thanks laura and colin

o man i posted my time for yesterdays wod…today was 18:25

14:32 as rx’d- whew, that was a good one! Fun class today Gord, thank you!! Super job to all the 9:30 ers!
Katrin, you are a lucky girl, enjoy every minute!!

13:20 as rx’d PR by 1:39. Runs felt slow due to some very tired quads but OHS were unbroken. Thanks for the push Katie, you did great. Thanks Gord, loving the group warm-ups.

11:34 @32 lbs Still on the rower due to injury.
My quads and butt are really sore from squatting this week! thanks Coach.
Tough class today – Thanks Colin and Laura.
Katrin, sounds like fun – it’s alway great to turn heads at the gym.
Thanks for the chat Yaz

13:21 as rx’d.
Was fun this morning. Thanks Colin and Laura. Great job early birds!


Still recovering from Tuesday ‘s WOD.
Substituted OHS squat with Back-squat @95.
Time: 17:49

Nancy with a row, leg still causing me grief
Rx’d weight from the floor
Total time 19:11
Thanks Aly

19:16 @ 33#
“Nancy” and I are not friends yet.
Thanks Aly!

75 lbs (same as last year)


Over 3 minutes faster than 2010
OHS were 15/9+6/10+5/9+6/9+6

20:10 @ 52# and a row
Infinitely harder than I expected and I soon forgot how sore my legs were from Tuesdays WOD 
Thanks for the OHS tips Aly!!

21:20 @ 22#
OHS is definitely a work in progress…
Thanks Aly!!

50 mts swim max effort, rest 1:00 min, 10 times
Total time 19 min. Each rd was 45 to 55 sec
Temperature over 37 degrees

13:30 as rx’d. A PR by 1:35 but still always chasing Chelsea as usual…I will get you one day. Thanks for a great class Aly!!!

16:22 as Rx
OHS from the floor
Thank you Aly for coaching and great OHS tips.

14:00 even @32# which felt really really heavy for 15 OHS. Totally lost my arms with three left in the final set. Dropped the bar. Tried picking it up again. And then again. Took the 10 lbs off and finished with the 22# bar. I couldn’t even hold my water bottle when I was done! Erin you rocked it! (Go team Nancy!)

Awesome class tonight, thanks Ali!

Scaled to 15 kg.


14:26 with 42, Rx too much for OHS. Loved this workout. Thanks everyone for a great class.


Blah! On rounds 4&5, running was way too slow – way too slow.

Subbed rowing for running
OHS as rx’d


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