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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 16, 2009

1 round for time:

500 m Row

50 Toes to Bar

500 m Row

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.


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I wonder why I am not surprised at all with this picture!!!

Did Monday’s WOD since I have no idea how to perform ‘toes to bar’…maybe I don’t want to know.

Anyway, times were as follows for the sprints/runs – :42/1:37/3:47/1:36/:42

9:55 as Rx’d
kipped only a handful of toes to bar, rest without kip.
Still recovering from a nasty cold

1 rd for time
500m Row-1:34
50 Box Jumps 24#
40 Toes to Bar
30 Muscle Ups
20 Thrusters 125#
500m Row-1:39
Total Time 26:09
Thanks Todd for the extras, and the push on the last row.

500m Row- RX
50 Box Jumps-RX 24
40 Toes to Bar-RX but broken
30 Muscle Ups-Modified
20 Thrusters- 100Ibs
500m Row-RX

Total Time 28:29.

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There are currently 180 children at the orphanage and they are accepting 50 new children in September 2009. Our organization does not use any money for administration or volunteer travel so 100% goes directly to the orphanage. Every year a group of volunteers goes to the orphanage to ensure all the money is used accordingly and gets to the right people (the children).

CrossFit Calgary is pleased to present Amy with $100 of Childrens’ Sport equipment for her visit.

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D – 11:28 “toes to bar” were not fast or pretty.
Thanks Geoff!

8:13, THANKS FOR A GREAT CLASS Michelle!! Miss Chevious

“The Cory” as Rxd
5:56. Second row at 1:37, first row about the same. Did 3×10 and then pretty much 5s for the rest of the toe to bars.

Neil as rx’d 13:00
Judy as rx’d 11:22
Thanks Michelle for all your help

I’d already done an OPT workout but had to try this one because it doesn’t penalize skinny guys.
As rx’d: 8:54.

8:06 as rx’d

Toes to bar – ~ 1, followed by ~ 20 toes out in the general direction of the bar, then finished off with K2E ….other time would have been 10 hrs 38 minutes..
THanks, Michelle – great class. Encouragement appreciated.

Meant “…otherwise time would have been 10 hrs 38 minutes….

16:38 as rx’d
First row: 2:08
Toes to bar were really slow. Only counted completed ones, no attempts. Had quite a few misses throughout which ate a lot of time and energy.
Second row: 2:18
Thanks a lot Michelle for a great class and the push throughout the workout and especially at the end of the second row.

9:39 as rx’d. Thanks Michelle for the push on my second row. You are awesome!

Thanks for the push, Michelle! 10:58 toes to bar modified to knees to ALMOST elbows…

THANKS CHANTAL! So far we’re up to $200 in donations for fitness equipment. 🙂

as rx’d 11:10
couldn’t get the kipping going

Taylor, I don’t know where you get the idea I am going to destroy these workouts, because I can never sustain the kip for that many reps. In this case I kipped the first twelve or so, and did singles for the rest.


First row was 1:37 and the second was 1:33.


A few days late:
8:50 As Rx’d
(1:36/1:47 on the rows)
Only a random kip here and there on the Toes to bar – pretty tough WOD.

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