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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 15, 2010


5 rounds for time:

400 m Run

15 OHS

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals use 60 lbs for overhead squats, or scale if needed.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to May 23, 2010

Comments: 11

15:46 as rx’d *65 lb for OHS*
My first 6 am class in probably a year! Thanks Lindsey – appreciate the push!!!
Rick!! welcome back!! it’s nice to see you again, can’t wait to see Adelle!
nice work this morning to everyone! (all 4 of us!)
Cant wait to follow the games!!! Good Luck again everyone!!!!

15:43 as rx’d. Those runs were terrible. Haven’t done much of it lately and it showed

14:59 as rx’d. First time doing this one, my arms gave out by the third round. Need to work on my OHS again so I have more stability in my shoulders. Thanks Evan, great job everyone in the 6pm class.

75 lbs.
OHS sets were sort of 9+6
Last round was 8+3+f+4 so the weight was about right
Could probably push the speed on this one next time

21:10 using 55lbs. I stopped briefly a couple of times during the run to catch my breath. Hard work out. Thanks for a great class Evan!

17:31 as rx’d.

36 seconds slower than the first time I did it last year! But really, I admit I haven’t run much lately, and I felt it today. I paced the early runs when I should have pushed harder. After the 3rd run I saw the clock was over 7:30, and I knew I couldn’t beat my previous time.

OHS felt good, but my shoulder failed in the later rounds. They were broken 15/15/10-5/9-6/8-5-2.



OHS x 3 – 195lbs

WOD – 9:34?* only did 4 rounds.


First WOD in 2 weeks and did not want to push it…4th round was tough on runs…all OHS were UB…

Hard to keep balance as weight was light and I was moving too fast….

Where was everyone at 9:30 class? had to do it by myself…

16:45 as rx’d
all rounds unbroken..
fairly happy since about 2months ago, i couldn’t even do 10 unbroken

16.24 as rx’d
4 rounds unbroken, last round 10+5

15:05 as rx’d.

a PR by 2:52 which I am quite happy with. All OHS were unbroken, running was not as elegant as the OHS. Good work to the 8pm class. Thanks Evan for a great class!

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