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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FUCT” – 10 Rounds for reps: 

1:00 Squats

1:00 Rest

Coach’s notes:  Post number of reps per round and total to comments.

Compare to December 25, 2009

Comments: 23

Oh no not this one!!!

Yay! My favourite WOD! Maybe because saying its name is just so darn satisfying.
50/48/52/50/50/47/46/48/48/56. TOTAL: 495
Thanks Michelle and Colin. Fantabulous work everyone at 6am.

Total : 425
Thanks for the stretches Todd, they helped my hamstrings alot!

42/44/43/43/42/41/41/45/42/43 Total:426
Thanks Todd!

Awesome job Meredith!!! I know that you like this one; I can see why!! Well done!
As for myself, I am oh so glad that it’s a rest day!!! 🙂

38/43/42/40/40/40/42/40/42/50 Total:417 Didn’t know what to expect with this one as there wasn’t much to it… ominous… Thanks for the push to 50 at the end Todd!

Adelle had an early work meeting so couldn’t make it.

My (Rick) squats ranged from 45 for the first to 56 for the last (sorry I don’t have every minute here at work) for a total of 497.

Great class and good work all.


Just getting back after some time away. Ranged from 32 to 38 per mintue for 344 total. Great job for everyone at 6 am.
(and has anyone else found that sitting in an office chair all day probably hasn’t been the ideal recovery method?)

39/35/32/29/28/26/28/28/29/28 = 302
Thanks Todd!

43/42/37/40/35/37/37/35/39/39 = 384

Didn’t stop moving.

Rebecca: 505
Nice work 5pm class!!! I fear I might be “FUCT” tomorrow…

well said Rebecca!
Great work 5pm class

50/48/43/39/36/36/33/35/32/36 = 388
I feel the same way Rebecca.
Thanks Kris. Great class.


416 and I had a helper tonight!

Neil – 38/34/34/34/33/34/32/34/32/35 = 340

46/40/35/33/30/30/30/30/23/33 = 330 if round was good second less good after that !@#$

Nice day today so I went for a run.

10 Rnds of
1 Min of Sprint
1 Min of Walk


47/49/50/47/47/46/44/43/45/48 TOTAL: 464
Thanks Colin and Laura! The 3:1 hot:cold trick in the shower actually works to ease the pain of this workout!

oops I meant Michelle

48/51/50/49/50/49/49/49/48/50 – 493

393, my sets ranged from 37-44. I felt my squats improved by the 3 round. Great work out, thanks Brett!

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