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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, January 30, 2020


Partition as you see fit for time:

100 Pull-ups
100 Burpees
100 Clean and Jerk – Bodyweight

TT WOD – Gymnastics

A1.  L-sit holds – 5s hold X 3-4/set X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

Notes:  Elbow to shoulder width, external rotation of shoulder, drive shoulders down, start with a short level (knees bent), drive hips and knees up and forward, which drives shoulders back, should not feel front of shoulder, extend lever after 5s hold achieved, 1st one leg (alternating), then both legs.

A2.  Lat activation push back with hollow body – 4-6 reps with pause at top X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

A3.  Prone straight arm shoulder extension with plate – 8-12 reps @ 2022 X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

Notes:  Wrists neutral, keep arms close to body and body active in hollow.

B1.  Headstand pike raises – 4-6 reps @ 5050 X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

B2.  Ring Invert – 4-6 reps @ controlled tempo X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

B3.  Reverse plank (superman) hold – 30-60s X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

Notes:  knees bent as scale, rower with parallettes as progression.


Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete WOD and results for all sets in gymnastics to comments.

WOD Leaderboard

Comments: 27

59:12 RX BW@175
I don’t think I can drive home. Someone from 9am wake me up when you get here.
Thanks Derek

@75 which is about 50% 1rm or 100# less than BW.
Split it 5/5/5

Good job 6am. Lots of finishers.

– I did it Rx, 185# for C&J
– did this yesterday after coaching the 6am class
– WODing by yourself is lame 😒 and slow. Community is so important to move with intensity.
– I finished in 50:16 but I know I could have finished 7-12 mins faster if I WODed with fit friends.
– I started out planing on doing 20 rounds of 5 reps of each movement. But halfway through I felt like the burpees were affecting my C&J. So I stopped doing burpees and finished up my last 50 pull-ups and C&J doing 5 reps at a time leaving the last 50 burpees till the end.
– If I were to do this WOD again, I think I would get the C&J out of the way first. You can always do a burpees and the pull-ups can be done pretty fast.
– – “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

40:22 @ 105#
Pullups rx’d
Thanks Josh, great job 9am

37:33 @ 95#
Banded pull ups with chest to bar
Did 20 round of 5

Thanks Josh!
Killer job 9am!

Brett, you are seriously challenging my no cherry picking resolution!! Everyone knows how much I love burpees!
44:00 even.
5 sets of 20 burpees
8 sets of 10 c&j (started at 55# went to 45#), then 1 set of 20 to finish.
8 sets of 10 ring rows then 1 set of 20 to finish.

34:27. Scaled the MF out of this one. Made the right choice. 50% body weight and ring rows. Sets of 5 the whole way. 1 minute rest at halfway and then head down keep going. It felt daunting in the first half but once you conquer the beast it’s an amazing workout.

Thanks Josh. Great job 9am.

…50% body weight was 95#.

1/3 ish body weight 55#
Did 10 c&j’s 5/5 hook grip the whole way to cycle quickly, didn’t move my feet either.
I did one pull up one burpee combo for 10, as I know I can’t cycle large sets of pull ups. This worked incredibly well! I kept moving but could still breath!
I finished 70 reps of each using the combo above: 10, 1/1 x 10 then started to tear. I switched to 5 ring rows 5 burpees x2.
This was super fun, but hard recovery after….be ready for the workout hang over!
Thank you Josh!!

Seriously impressed with how well you guys did with this WOD. Excellent decision making across the board, with everyone thus far making all 300 reps and with quality movement………..makes me very proud.
I went with:
5 clean and Jerk
5 burpees
4X, then 20 Pull-ups. I did this twice putting me at 40 reps for all.
Then I started doing:
5 clean and Jerk
5 burpees
2X, then 10 pull-ups. Finished 50 reps of all at 14:00.
Continued in this rep scheme till 80 reps, then did a set of 5 clean and jerk, 5 burpees, 2X, did the last 20 pull-ups (13/7) and finished the last 10 clean and jerk and burpees as alternating singles.
Ended at 29:57, which I was happy with given that I only lost just under 2 minutes in the second half.
BW = 155#
Have fun evening Crew!

46:41 scaled
C.J. – 55# (about 50% BW)
Pull-ups – strict with blue band

First 50 reps were done in sets of 10 C.J. then 5 PU, 5 burpees x 2 (22:35) then sets of 5 for everything until last 10 which did same as first rep scheme.

What a workout! Nice finish, Duncan🏋🏻‍♀️ Thanks for all the C.J. coaching, Derek.

38:10 @ 135 (82% of BW)
Not a lot of energy today so kept it to a load that I knew I could keep moving.
Mostly 5/5/5 throughout.
Pull-ups sets of 5 unbroken.
Burpees as expected.
C&J were good when I focused. Lots of sloppy reps with press out at the top.
Thanks Zac
Great work today everyone. Coached this at 6:00am and everyone got further than I was expecting.
If you did this one today, post your results!

35:05 @ 105#

PU all sets of 10
Burpees 20,15,15,15,15,15,5
C&J all sets of 10 quick singles

Limited transition time and dove right in after each set!! Super fun WOD!!

Thanks Zac!


Reps: 15, 10, 10, 5 (40 overall)

PU: scaled to box + thick weight under bar. Used one leg to assist.

Burpees: slow but steady.

C+J: 55# for all. Mostly did sets of 5 unbroken.

Pushed as hard as I could.

Thanks Zac!

Finished 100 pull ups 100 burpees and 50 C&J at 145 (body weight) at 29:25. I had to stop cause I had to coach teens. I figure I probably could have done the last 50 in about 10-15 minutes so hypothetically I think I would have finished at 45:00! Guess we will never know… unless I redo it 🤔

Surprised the shijhvbnht out of myself with this one. Went way better than I expected. Finished at 41 minutes on the button, glad I read the comments from the super fit friends here before starting, did 5 reps each for 20 sets.
Ring rows
Burpees (best I’ve done in a long time, didn’t get super sloppy until about round 16)
C&J 55# at my “goal” body weight (….minus 100#) tried to have a quick bar cycle to make up for slow burpees


115# for the clean and jerks
Banded pull ups

Started out with 5/5/5 then did 10/10/10 and finished with a set of 15 to power through to the end. Mega sweat fest but feeling pretty tough.

Love this type of programming Brett! Thank you Jeff k for mopping up the mess I left on the floor. Shout out to Jeff r for putting more weight on his bar!

Phew 😅.
Challenged myself with 75% of body weight
Clean and jerks at 145# pull ups and burpees RX
Total time 58:46
Warmed up with 10 Pu 10 burpees 10 c&j 10 Pu 10 burpees
Then did 40 clean and jerks
10 Pu and 10 burpees
50 clean and jerks
Then did 5&5 for the last 70 reps of pull ups and burpees
This was a good weight choice for me
Thanks Zak!
Awesome work 6 pm buddies!!!!!!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

62:59 RX
Thought long and hard about how I wanted to approach this one. Decided that I really don’t like myself and committed to body weight at 190#. Thankful I’m not still 215-225#.

Knowing my inability to function after burpees and pull-ups I decided to park myself in the corner, build my moat of salt water and do all 100 C&J first. Mental sets of 5. Physical sets of 1. That took 44:00. Yup – 1 rep every 24.6 seconds.

Rested 1:00 minute – aka grabbed my chips and wobbled over to the rig.

Sets of 10x 10/10 in 17:59 which is blazing fast for me.

Then I sat down and pretty sure I kinda maybe lightly peed in my pants. I read somewhere once that you lose control of your faculties(?) at death. So there’s that.

My healthcare card is in my wallet and I leave all my earthly goods to my wife in case I don’t make it out the door.

Thanks Zakk! Great job 6pm!

The other way of looking at it is I did 100 C&J at 190# during the 6pm class and stayed to do 100 pull-ups and burpees in gymnastics TT. 🤷‍♂️

Went with 135#. Bodyweight is about 165#, don’t think that is in the realm of possibility right now. Happy with the weight choice actually. So… I did 100 c&j to start. And then some burpees and pull-ups and whatever. 😂. I started on the barbell because I hate putting things above my head, and wanted to get a few out of the way, and then sorta just kept going, and… going… and going. I didn’t have a plan whatsoever. Just figured I’d get 10-15 out of the way when fresh. Then did a few more. Then found a rhythm and kinda hit a point of no return. So I know now I can do 100 C&J at 135# in 30:45. lol. And 100 PUs and Burpees in another 14min. Did 20 PUs, 40 burpees, then 20/20/20 etc till last set 10/10. Anyway. This felt like a hero WOD. Needs a name. Fun one though. Nice work 6pm!
Thanks Zac!

😂 Never fail to make me laugh Derek.
(Also, I went with just over 80% bodyweight. Forgot to put in)

Wow, just wow, not sure what else to say.
Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to put this WOD up, thought it might be too much………….even for myself, I was not sure how this would go.
Simply put, it was the right WOD and you guys killed it. Really happy with how this turned out. Thanks for all the posts, keep them coming, the community loves to know how everyone does.
Exceptional work today Crew.

I did the TT.

I know… SO WHAT DAVE! We just did 300 reps of pure pain!

I would like to take a moment to thank Crossfit Calgary for making me their leader as today’s photo suggests. I feel honoured as I know all of you do as well.

I digress…

Goal: stick the form.
L-sits really improved.
Headstand Pikes: major improvement I managed to keep my toes pointed and maintain the 0505.
Rings: felt way more stability but collapsed on my 3rd reps. Gonna go higher next time now that my core is more stable with the movement.
Reverse planks: 60 sec feels easy now. Gonna move to 90 sec.

I’m having major FMO about the challenge I missed today. Another time.

C&J @ 95
Pull ups and burpees as described.

Tough one!

I think that should Pull ups and burpees as prescribed!

Used 165lbs for the jerks.

Did 100 jerks in a row and then did 10 rounds of 5 pull-ups and 10 burpees and then chipped away at the remaining 50 pull-ups.

52:53 total time.

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