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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, January 23, 2020


5 rounds for time(s) of:

5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Overhead Squats -135#/95#
15 V-ups
REST 90s

With any time remaining work on your reverse skipping.  

TT WOD – Gymnastics-

A1.  L-sit holds – 5s hold X 3-4/set X  3 sets, rest 60-90s

Notes:  Elbow to shoulder width, external rotation of shoulder, drive shoulders down, start with a short level (knees bent), drive hips and knees up and forward, which drives shoulders back, should not feel front of shoulder, extend lever after 5s hold achieved, 1st one leg (alternating), then both legs.

A2.  Lat activation push back with hollow body – 4-6 reps with pause at top X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

A3.  Prone straight arm shoulder extension with plate – 8-12 reps @ 2022 X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

Notes:  Wrists neutral, keep arms close to body and body active in hollow.

B1.  Headstand pike raises – 4-6 reps @ 5050 X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

B2.  Ring Invert – 4-6 reps @ controlled tempo X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

B3.  Reverse plank (superman) hold – 30-60s X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

Notes:  knees bent as scale, rower with parallettes as progression.

Coach’s notes:

Post time per round and total working time for WOD and results for all TT Gymnastics to comments.

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Comments: 13

TWT was 11min. Green band for CTB, 65# OHS
Thanks Derek! Great work 6am

After yesterday, I figured I would take it easy…….thinkin’ I need a bit of a break.

1. 1:00 @ 95#
2. 1:04 @ 125#
3. 1:04 @ 135#
4. 1:04 @ 135#
5. 1:19 @ 135#, core broke down in this round and had to stop a couple times in my V-ups.

The potency of this WOD is magnified when you consider that my working time was only 5:35………………….think about that………………

11:50… Total working time 5:35
Pull ups Rx
OHS at 105
V Up Rx

12:52 total time.
6:52 working time.
OHS at 105# – Unbroken each round, but the last two rounds were tough.
All else rx’d.

TWT: 7:17
Pull ups: 2 medium bands
OHS: 55#
V ups: rxd
Still feeling beat up, sick and I slammed my thumb in the car door today and can’t hook grip which is why I went stupid light on the OHS.

Plus I whipped myself on the other thumb with my skipping rope which hurt worse than the one I slammed.

I’m taking a couple days off……

Thanks Ragnar

Strict Chest-toBar ✅
OHS ❌ (stupid broken shoulder) – did 135# back squats instead
V-ups ✅

1. 1:02
2. 0:57
3. 0:53
4. 0:51
5. 0:56
TWT: 4:39

Thanks Ragnar!!

Correction total working time is 5:50

Sandy, your thumb stories are funny!!!!

Well, I did not pay attention to my time per round – I paid attention to not getting in the way and to not falling over.
Total time was 13:39 – so divide that by 5….ish.
Great workout tho’ , Thank you Derek and coaches who keep me from destroying myself…and I came back after Tuesday so that’s good.

Oh wait…you want to know what I DID
11 lb bar for overhead lifts –
rings for pull-ups to chest
V sit to bent knees
Eventually I’ll get the lingo

Total time 12:39

Did all strict C2B pull ups (got a band out just in case but the class was so busy I couldn’t find a stool to use so had no choice to do strict.) Have to remember that I am stronger than I think.

65 for all OHS

V-ups as prescribed

Total working time 5:09! I really felt like I crushed this one. Especially for an old guy!

Sorry think total working time should be 6:38. Still crushed it!

R1: 2:24
R2: 4:44
R3: 7:10
R4: 9:34
R5: 10:35
Total work time: 4:35

Everything was unbroken.
C2B: tried to pull elbows back not push chest forward
OHS: favourite squats! squats snatched first rep then just hung on.
V-ups: Interesting discussion with Brett and Josh about hollow holds, measurable, repeatable and standards. This WOD, I touched my feet and hands behind with every V up Next time I’ll do hollow holds to V ups.

Thanks Josh, great warmup. Awesome job 10am.

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