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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, January 20, 2011


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time:


Deadlift – 225#/155#



Coach’s notes:    Post time to complete to comments.


Compare to October 18, 2010


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Michelle, in case you didn’t see my post from Wednesday, my Risto’s are definitely a size 36.

Thanks Katrin… I appreciate you looking into that.

oh dear, that wasn’t a pretty one for me today!
11:19 DL as rx’d (15,6/8,7/9) HSPU’s *struggled!!* did with purple/purple bands otherwise would still be wodding (5,4,3’s/3’s,2’s,1,1/3,2,1’s)
Thanks Todd!!! it was a great class – thanks Shawna, Kevin, and everyone else pushing me to finish those damn HSPU’s!!!! aaghh!!!!! much appreciated – they are HARD!!!!! everyone was so darn speedy today!!!

135lbs and modified HSPU with green and blue band.
Thanks Todd!

11:36- DL as rx’d and unbroken, used blue and purple band assisted HSPU and they were VERY broken. Those are tough, so it was good to practice. Nice work everybody in the 5pm class! Thanks Evan for the super class and Steve thanks for the encouragement!

Neil – 185 lbs DL. Did 15 HSPU from blue band assisted and then moved to wall for rest of WOD. 19:00
Judy – DL as rx’d and green and blue band HSPU 16:23

DL as rx’d
HSPU against wall with lots of 2’s and 1’s

225# & kipping hspu (head to two ab matts)

205 lbs
Purple-in-purple band-assisted
Had to keep adding bands for last 7 HSPU. Arms were shot.


14:25 Rx

DL as rx’s
HSPU against wall lowering mostly to hair touching ab mat so… getting better.
Thanks Evan for the fun class

9:36 DL’s 125 lbs, HSPU against wall using 2 ab matts.

10:21 DL @ 225 started with blue-blue band assist for the hspu moved to green-blue after sets of 9 then 3

7:40 unbroken – but scaled too much (too light).

115lb’s and green with blue band (too much assistance). It’s my first ‘Diane’. Live and learn…

Great energy in the gym though – loved it!

9:28 as Rx’d

DL’s as Rx’d
HSPU’s were scaled to purple/purple bands.
Thanks Evan.

DL’s @ 205, broken.
HSPU’s on the wall, one abmat, broken.

Thanks Evan!

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