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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Complete As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible (AMRAP) in 30 minutes of:

2 rounds of:
1 Legless Rope Climb
7 Strict Handstand Push-ups
28 Lateral (dowel) Two Foot jumps – 24”/20”

After each set of 2 rounds REST 1:00, then continue until 30:00.

TT WOD – Snatch:

A.  Work to a moderate double and then single hang squat snatch in the first 15-20 minutes of class.  Use this lift to focus on finishing to your hip, keeping the bar close and a fast third pull.  Try to pause all of these catches.

B. Next work to your new 1RM in a squat snatch.

Coach’s notes:

Post rounds and reps complete for WOD and loads for all sets in TT Snatch to comments.

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Comments: 7

5 rounds plus 8 reps.
R1: 3:36
R2: 9:10
R3: 15:23
R4: 22:07
R5: 28:05
+ 1 rope climb and 7 HSPU.

HSPU all kipping. All else Rxd. Hops were strangely the toughest part, not very bouncy today.

Thanks Derek!

Had 4 (I think?) rest breaks so…
1 HSPU into ‘9th’ round.

Rope climbs:
2 legless
2-ish half-way-ish then finished legs
Rest all legs

2 rounds all strict
1 round 3 strict + 4 kipping
Rest all kipping while pile driving head into small lagoon of sweat on the mat

3 stacked 45’s. All unbroken rebounding. Looked like a water sprinkler towards the end. Yuck!

Thanks DM! Some great fitnessing at 10am.

2020 Resolution is to post ALL my workouts!
2020 Goal is 10 unbroken kipping pull-ups. I’ll be there Jan 12th 🙂

Just me and Derek M at 6am this morning…a real battle 😉. 8 rounds plus rope and HSPUs in round 9.

Rope climbs were “regular” – 4 pulls each with some 4th pulls bigger than others.

HSPU – started with 10# plate and ab mat with first 2 rounds unbroken, 3rd round broken, just ab mat for other rounds, 4th got 2 or 3 then singles and from there it was a combo of first couple on the wall and then to the box for piked to finish the set.

Jumps – 2 rounds using 20” box but they were all singles. Moved to 3 stacked 50# plates and was able to rebound and break into 2-3 sets.

Thanks both Dereks!

5 jumps into the 11th round.
Lots of scaling.
RC: 2 pulls from the floor
HSPU: from a box
Jumps: scaled to 12” to work on rebounding.
I thought jumping was my jam until I tried these. Couldn’t get more than half a round before needing rest then it was lots of small sets.

Thanks Ragnar. Great push at the end

Scaled the daylights out of this one:
RC – Legless for 8 rounds/Legged for 7
HSPU – Hand release push-ups (stupid shoulder)
Jumps – 12” Unbroken rebounding (stupid calf)

Thanks Ragnar for keeping me working around/through my collection of injuries.

Snatch PR
Goal: 135lbs with snappy form
I rushed a little off the floor. Fixed that then discovered the next stage in my form that I need to work on. Staying on my heals. I was being “toe-sie”. A new pattern to learn. I made a PR but missed my goal by 5lbs. Not unhappy. Close but no cigar. Very thankful for this Snatch TT. I’ve enjoyed improving one tiny stage at a time.

Wanted to try this one so came in off my shift, hence I was very late, sorry Coach Derek.
Started with the class, but round one (which is 2 rounds) was basically my warm-up. This actually worked out pretty good because I made the decision to scale by resting till minute 4 regardless of my work time, then resting for the 60s from minute 4 to 5, hence the goal was one set (of 2 rounds) every 5 minutes for 6 total sets or 12 rounds depending on how you look at it. Ended up 4 reps shy of the 12th round as follows:
1. 3:40. First round of 2 completed in 3:40, did not start second set until 5:00
2. 3:30. Got a little quicker as I was a bit more warmed up. Still rested until the start of minute 10:00.
3. 3:25. Still waited till minute 15:00 to start next set.
4. 3:40. Waited till minute 20:00 to start next set. Had to start breaking HSPU’s in these rounds.
5. 3:45. Waited till minute 25:00 befiore starting last set.
6. Only complete one round + 1 rope climb + 3 HSPU’s, started failing HSPU’s.
Challenging WOD.

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