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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, February 19, 2015


As Many Rounds As Possible in 25 minutes:
25 Kettlebell (KB) Swings – 2.0/1.5 pood
25 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP) – 95#/65#
25 Box Jumps – 24”/20”

Compare to December 31, 2014

Coach’s notes: Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

Important Reminder –  Coach Brett’s Pull Up Seminar is happening this Saturday from 6-8pm. There are a few spots left. You can sign up here.

Comments: 14

Incredible work on this one 6am!
3 rnds+25KB swings+either 16 or 21 SDLHP (might have been counting stars and not reps by this point..) as Rx’d. Thanks for the encouragement Colin, we needed it!

6 rounds + 25 KB Swings + 5 SDLHP as rx’d. None of this really felt good today so just tried to keep a steady pace. Great work 9am, thanks for the coaching and encouragement Todd.

Katie you are always smiling! that’s a smile, right??
4 rounds + 9 KBS rx’d. box jumps were crap today.
todd you are the best motivator during those long WODS. thanks!

3rds + 25KBS + 25 SDLHP
Used 1pd for KBS
1.25 1st end SDLHP then dropped down to 1pd
BJ were jump up/down but like Erin’s said they were crap!
Tough slog today

Thanks Todd

3rds + KBS + 17 SDLHP. Used 1.25 KB, 75lbs & 24 inch box. Most were step up and down. Great job on a long WOD 9 am’ers. Did my best just to keep moving!
Thanks Todd

5 rounds + 22 KBS
KBS: 1p
SDLHP: 55#
BJ: rx’d alternated 5 and 5 between jumping down/stepping down.

Scaled back the weight. Saving myself for the Open….

Thanks Todd!

It’s called “tough love” Derek! 😉

4 rounds + 25 KB swings + 11 SDLHP
Used 1.5 pood
Thanks Jason

WHC in Edmonton:
Wanted to do WOD but no kettle bells above 1pd and only a 30″ box.
Did some DL to warm up. Bar got too slippery at 405 and metal plates so shut t down.
250m row :45 rest
Sweaty mess after that.

Scaled like in Dec. 1.25, 65#, 20″
Strung sets of 5 SDLHP together to work on the lowering part of the movement.

4 rounds + 7 reps (4 more than last time)

Rounds: 4:29, 6:27, 7:04, 6:35 then 7 KBS in 25 s.

As rx
4 rounds us KBS & SDLHP
Thanks Jay!

3 rounds + kbs +24 sdlp rxd.
Kbs is the only thing that felt good

Thanks Jason.

3 rds + KBS + 18 SDLHP as rx’d. Should have got to box jumps but let my rest breaks during KBS get a little long. First time swinging the 2 pood for that many reps.
Thanks Jason

10 short of 4.
Thanks Jason.

12 box jumps short of 4 rounds. All as required.
Thanks Jason.

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