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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, February 17, 2011

6 rounds for time:

10 Hang Cleans 135#/95#

5 Front Squat 135#/95#

20 Switch Lunges (10/side)

Rest 90 seconds

Coach’s notes:  Post time per round and total working time to comments.

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February 17th, 2011   –  Jag


Someone took my car keys by accident..( Yes, after some of those WODs, I can see how everything can be a little foggy!

Check you pockets and bags please.

Call me at 403 383 9298. John

6am class
12 mins of: 10 Med Ball Slams, 10 Wallballs, 10 Med Ball OH Walking Lunges.
12 lb ball, 7 rounds + 9 slams. I feel noooooo stress after those slams…brilliant little exercise.
Muscle Up practice (all I can say is Hahahahahahahaha).
Good work on the muscle ups Rob!
Thanks Laura and Colin – that was a great class as always.

44/44/44/44/44/45 = 4:25, as rxd.

And now, the other end of the bell curve:

95 lbs

88/89/103/119/134/125 = 10:58

Failed and dropped cleans in the later rounds.

1:57 (had to lower weight here as I couldn’t even finish the 1st rnd)/1:09/1:29/1:36/1:51/1:45 @ 65lbs.
Thanks DJ. Way to go Olga and Katie, you were both so strong.

TT homework:
front squat: 5 reps 75/85/95/105/115
ring dips: 5 reps unassisted 5/5/5/5/5

seriously, is coach even human?
1:25,1:36,1:56,1:28,1:56,*and crash and burn 2:16 *last round though ugly: 1,5,1,1,2 for cleans, and 4,4,8,4 for switch lunges (not long break but certainly had to stand up!) = 10:36 if my math is correct
Thanks Ali!!! fun 9:30 class!!! as always!

1.06/1.23/2.00/2.16/2.20/2.43 = 11.53 as rx’d
Cleans felt good, was able to catch them properly, switch lunges were slow and broken.

1:20/1:22/1:45/(downward spiral….)1:55/1:55/1:48 as rx’d
cleans frightfully ugly (elbows slow, form was brutal); squats and lunges felt really good
Thanks for the tips DJ!

***seriously Coach??!! Impressive!

Total time 25 min as rx’d. 7 min of that is rest.
Rds were 2 to 3 min. Felt really hard. Will take a couple days off.

1:32/1:36/1:35/1:28/2:06/2:21/1:50 = 12:28 (21:28 total time.)
I figured this was taking way too long for some reason. 7 rounds.

Slow elbows, front squats sucked today, and broken switch lunge.

Only used 85# due to my form needing some work and well, with 95 it would have been broken A LOT..
59/57..looking for a pillow at this point/1:25/2:07..needing a bed and pillow/2:01/2:32..everything fell apart after rd 3…thank goodness for the tall box- that worked as a pillow between rds.
Thanks DJ for the coaching..I did hear you say elbows up, all of that helps!!

Hey all,

I apoligize as there was an error on the post today, that I just noticed. Cleans were to be hang POWER cleans. Had to make note, cause this is the only way to get these sets done in the times I posted – I did hang power cleans.

Total time wit rest 23min.
Round 3 felt the best after that it got really hard. By round 6 it was a mess.
Thanks DJ!

How can someone make an extra rd by mistake?

Did on Sunday 46sec/48/50/49/49/50 Total 4:53 Split lunges slow as my quads are dead.

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