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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, December 17, 2009



For time:

100 Unders

90 Back Extensions

80 Squats

70 Sit-ups

60 Lunges

50 Push-ups

40 Box Jumps

30 Wall Balls

20 Burpees

10 Pull-ups

Coach’s notes: CFC Benchmark WOD for the board.  Use 24″ for box jumps.  Guys use 20lb wallball, gals use 14lb.  Post time to comments.

Compare to October 24, 2009

Comments: 15

WOD as Rx

@ 22:32

Recovery took over 23 minutes! Think rubber legs!

20:40 as rxd
The box jumps and burpees were the worst
Thanks Kris

28:53 scaled
15″ box jumps
push ups from knees
12 lb wall balls

23:34 or 24:34. Can’t remember.

This workout was horrible!! Box jumps, pushups, and back extensions were the worst for me!

seemed ok through the squats after that everything just kept getting harder and harder

As Rx’d but out of order – started with wallballs – did 10 extra wallballs by mistake.
If I had done it in order then probably couldn’t have hit the line with 20 lbs after doing squats and pushups.


27:45 started with wallballs
scaled wallballs to 12lbs and box jumps to 20″. Back extensions were the most difficult (sore lower back).

22:39 as rx’d

28:35 as rx’d
(Push-ups were toughest, followed by wall balls and box jumps. First time using the 24″ box.)
Thanks Laura for coaching and helping me push through this!

23.25 as rx’d

22:49 as rx’d
Push ups were slow, wall balls were even slower… disaster as Alvaro would say.

12 lb wall balls and 20 inch box. Purple band pullups and girlie push ups. Overall I liked it. I will be sore in many places tomorrow but I must continue to keep up with my Christmas baking habits. ( I have to make sure they taste good!)

Back extensions killed me. Maybe because of heavy deadlifts yesterday.
Box jumps sucked, did them with step down. Burpees SUUUUCKED. Pushups and situps were nice.

Crossfit is hard eh? : )


23:55 as rx’d

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