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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, December 10, 2009


For time:

75 Power Snatch


Coach’s notes: Hero WOD for the board.  Guys use 75lbs, gals use 55lbs.  Remember its a power snatch- catch as high as you like.

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Francis – if you are looking for your computer, it is at CrossFit Calgary in the office. At least I think it is yours.

Where was everyone this morning? You all hurt DJ’s feelings!

7:28 @ 42# (my goal is to get this as rx’d next time…)
Thanks Colin for joining me so I didn’t have to do this one alone! 🙂

6.15 as rx’d men

missin you guys back at CFC!

It was lonely at the box this morning. Amy you did a great job and motivated me.
As rxd:5:18. Thanks DJ for the push.

oh Amy, DJ and Colin! So sorry 🙂 We are too afraid that we will get stuck in terrible Winter traffic coming back to Bridgeland at 7 am so we haven’t been able to make to the 6 am class for a couple of weeks…darn Winter roads! We can’t risk being late to start the work-day…Good work this morning though, Amy and I’m glad that Colin joined in 🙂

6:34 as rxd

6:03 as rxd
Big thanks to Kris for counting my reps and giving me a push to get it done.

YIKES! I laid on the floor in the “recovery position” for probably 20 minutes after this.

Love it!!

65 lbs. and even that got pretty sloppy

Sorry we missed this a.m. Rick was heading out of town, and I am resting my sore back. Hope to be back next week. I really like your classes DJ. Next time for sure!

13:14 as rxd.

as rx’d 5:32 thanks for counting Michelle!!!

9:36 as rx’d. The snatches certainly weren’t fast, but I was pretty happy with my form. My back was on fire for at least the last 25 too.

6:32 Rx’D. Fun.

6:45 AS RX’D
Pushing the bar forward….need to work on that. Thanks Taylor for counting!

12:12 @ 47lbs
Concentrated on form and tried to keep a constant pace.
Will try RX’d next time

12:50 as rxd

4:45 as Rx’d

12.33 as rx’d

Mostly took it easy and worked on perfection of form

8:45 with 38 lbs. Form is always out for me but getting better! Thanks Michelle for the motivation to keep up. Nice work everyone in the 8pm class.

8:35 as rx’d

need to do larger set though out the workout as i seem to take to long to reset and had to chase the bar as it bounced after being dropped. Stated with a set of 10 then went to sets of 5 tell 50 then 2 and 1 tell 60 then back to 5 after 60

roger time was like 8:45

sorry DJ – would have been there – would have loved to do this WOD – rest day for me
and I am realllllly trying hard to take them!


Thanks for posting Rogergonish’s time

I had thought you guys would both kill this one

Sounds like this weather is getting everyone down. Missed the 6am class due to lack of sleep – sick kids AND weather. Anyhoo, good for you Amy for getting there. See y’all next week.

6:02 as rx’d
(May ’09 – 5:22)
I’m happy with this outcome. It’s my first week back to met cons after doing strength only for 9 weeks and it’s been a really tough week getting my butt kicked by one 20min. met con after another (have to admit I’ve even had a tantrum or two!!!). I ALWAYS feel inspired by CFC members, but this last week especially it’s been helpful for me to think about and see CFC Calgary members dig in, stay focused, and be willing to stay uncomfortable…
It was a lot of fun to be back in a class!!! Thanks Brett!

Neil 11:52 or 1.786 Alvaros as RX’d – nice work Hughie! If that was your idea of taking it easy I’d hate to see when you get serious.

I did take it easy as I indulged in a Christmas lunch with 3 glasses of wine so was just happy not to upchuck.

took it pretty slow to start, tried dropping the bar and took a chunk out of my leg (Brett did say to control the bar – always listen to Brett) so finished with touch and go reps which were easier to get into a rhythm – like to try this one again sans booze and h’dourves at lunch…..

For my own record: 12:20 as Rx’d

8:08 @ 42lbs. A couple of times Brett had to tell me to get under it. Must remember to keep my arms locked out.

Neil, I will get serious when I do the rope climbs again for Cory!!!

Did on Friday 6:00 as rx’d. Don’t worry Michelle you are doing awesome, and I think we have all had a tantrum or two during a WOD!

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