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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ring holds-Kathleen.mov


Double Unders for 10 minutes

Coach’s notes:  With a skipping rope do as many double unders (turn the rope twice for every jump) as you can.  If you cannot do double unders, now’s your chance to practise!

Comments: 3

will do today after run, Jackie this am in 6:18, PB for me, we should call this WOD “Rhiannon”???

I like this workout, and since everyone likes Rhiannon, naming it after her would be a good idea. On the same line, I understand OPT “influenced” adding a run after 300 lunges to a recent workout. Any suggestions on naming that one? That is, aside from the many names it was called when it was being done!


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