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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1 round for time:

75 Shoulder Press

75 Push Press

Coach’s notes:Β  Guys use 95 lbs, gals 65 lbs.Β  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 29

Whoever angered Brett recently please go apologize ASAP….for the good of everyone.

Well on the bright side its a good thing the workout is not leg related cause I can hardly move mine today.


Not sure which is worse…. Reading the wods and thinking how good/brutal they are and wanting to do them!! (but going back to sitting on my behind) or actually DOING them!!! Haha… Chels, I agree who angered the beast!!?

Chelsea, you are hilarious!

Since you did the ~8500lbs in 30:58, how long is it going to take you to do 14,250lbs? I don’t know why Brett stopped short of 15,000lbs on this one!

Also, agree with Stacey on the leg situation, but will add back and traps to limited range of movement.

I’m not sure if this WOD is any more civilized than yesterday’s. I hope Coach gets over whatever is bothering him!!
33:57 w/ 51# Thanks, Laura

Posting for Audra – she’s too drunk sunning herself on the beach to post herself!!

She’d really like to do wods we’ve missed as well – but beer is better!
Chelsea you are too funny!!

I won’t even show up for this one! Too easy for me!
This is a perfect wod for Cory since he has a very healthy shoulder…….
I can see myself dropping the weight to 75# and still be there for an hour trying to get it done.

As rx’d 31:15

I tried 95# in the warmup and knew it wasn’t going to happen today…

25:44 @ 85#.

31:46 at 60#. Should press was very slow but push press felt solid

As rx’d 30:10
the first 2:30 was ok. after that it was all singles and bleh

I had to drop this one down significantly due to shoulder still bothering me. I used the bar (45lb) and did it in 10:14. I wanted to save myself for what other onslaught Coach has in store for us this week.

And somewhere… Brett is just smiling…

Neil 85lbs – 28:38
Judy SP 33lbs PP 42lbs – 32:25
Thanks Laura!

19:30 – significantly modified to 30 lbs

First WOD lifting weight overhead since mid-April. The ol’ neck held up!! Feels great to be back and wodding without restrictions!

Kudos, tlaw, you could not have called that any better. Just got back from ultimate frisbee with my crew at the fire station. Decided it would make a good warm-up and planned to do the CFC WOD, but thought I would see how everybody was fairing with the WOD first, so checked the comments. I was smiling from the first couple of posts and by the time I got to yours the “smirk” was starting to hurt!

14:05 as rx’d

SP – 5’s for the first 6 sets, then 3’s and 2’s
PP – 30/20/25

On a side note, if you guys did not find that the push press was significantly faster and easier, especially if you were taking significant rests between sets in the SP, you need to practise this more (and we will) as the aggressive addition of your hips should have made this relatively easy. The only trouble should have been manitaining the lockout on the odd one.

23:34 as rx’d. Thanks Laura!

For Fuzzy: 23:33 as rx’d

34:10 with 85#. I came just because Cory convinced me. πŸ™‚

Scaled 85lbs somewhere around 35 min

Neil – SP 18:15 PP 10:23

Hey CFC, remember me? I’m not dead!

Did this in my garage at 7:30am, scaled down to 65#, 15:06.
All 5’s for SP, then 10/15/15/15/20 PP.

30:12 with 52lbs.
Thank you Laura!

70 lbs.
31:20 (18:10+13:10)

SP 9 then 3’s and 2’s
PP 4-6 per set

Not sure how to optimize rests with this WOD. Short rests would cost me a rep off my average, long rests would get me a rep above my average.

Did this on Aug. 21 during open gym with Laura’s coaching.
19:33 as rx’d
SP: 5 reps for 5 sets, then mostly 3s with some 2s until 65th rep, then singles
PP: a little cautious and paced because of back. Didn’t default to usual recklessness and used pacing as an opportunity to stay true to PP with no jerking.
first 45 in sets of 5 then…7/6/7/5/5
Thanks for the help Laura!

Tackled this one on Aug. 22 in order to avoid Dead lifts.
23:30 as rx’d
Felt pretty good to make it through the SP without a failed rep.

Did this one at home on Aug 25.
Scaled to 45# – 21:19
SP sets of 10 initially then 4-5
PP sets of 10


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