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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 7, 2022

A. Build up to heavy single squat or power snatch in less than 15 minutes.

 B. “Amanda” – For time:

Squat snatches (95/135 lb)

Coach’s notes:

Post notes for A and time to complete B to comments.

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Comments: 4

A) up to 185
B) 7:11 Rx’d
New PR of unbroken muscle-ups 9! Also hit the 7 unbroken, let’s agree to not talk about the 5….
Thanks Derek!

A) Up to 125#. Stayed moderate today and worked on form.
B) 10:48
Snatch @115#
MU’s rx’d – started with a set of 5 which I was pleased with, until I read Ryan’s comments above.
Thanks Josh.

Time: 9:20
Goal: Learn pacing to nail the lifts. Have fun.

105# with a few failed lifts for fun. 🙂 Patience was the key for me.

Did the 5pt ring muscle up exercise. My dips were super stable and strong. A PR of sorts, I guess.

I really enjoyed this WOD.

Thank you Derek for catching my form Before part B. I was set up for a great pattern.

Great warm up Josh! Thanks.

Well today was a little bitter sweet………..I love short couplets and I love gymnastics/weightlifting combos. I knew I had done this workout as part of an age group qualifier a few years back, so I took a look and it was event 2 in 2014. I placed 3rd in the world with a time of 4:05………I should look for that video to see how I managed the sets? Any who, any day in the gym is a good day and I will take that, but I did have to scale my muscle-ups to a bent arm start, due to a challenging right shoulder, which meant I also took it easy on the snatches………… Today’s time = 9:00, eeeee.

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