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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 rounds for time:

50 Box Jumps

40 Sit Ups

30 Ball Slams

20 Burpies

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 18″ and gals 12″ for the box jumps and 20 lbs and 14 lbs respectively for the ball slams.  Do anchored abmat sit ups.  No jumps on the burpies and keep hands at side, you must still of course reach full hip extension.  Try to really push speed of reps and for unbroken sets.  Post time to complete to comments. 


Comments: 11

well my results aren’t really going to be comparable but i will post anyways… i took 3 minutes break between rounds on brett’s recommendation so i can work shorter duration energy system… which is where i need to spend some time.
reps were unbroken except for the box jumps which were very, very broken. muscular fatigue in legs was immediate… prob due to heavy back squat 2 days ago… i was hoping more warm-up would do the trick but no luck. rounds were 5:35, 6:23 and 6:54… drop-off was due to box jumps getting worse and worse.

oh and remember this weekend we are hosting a L1 cert so adult classes are at 7am both days, TT is in the evenings both days and CFC kids will be outside (arbour lake) at regular times weather dependent (not looking good!)

Interestingly, rather than scaling a wod, I had to super-size it. Because of restrictions with equipment at home I had to use a 20lb wallball for the slams and a 14″ box for the jumps. Not much accomplished in terms of unbroken sets.

Did yesterdays WOD
as rx’d but did not keep time
tapering for our run saturday…a double crossing of the Grand Canyon, Az
50 miles and lots of elevation change, believe it or not they are calling for snow on both rims!

As rx’d 16:18 first round unbroken, mini breaks on last 2 rounds. Thanks for pushing me Brett!!!

13:26, as Rx’d and without shoes.
Nice work everyone!

First day back…17:41

15:38 as rx’d – used a stack of plates for box jumps (that wasn’t fun). Great work in the 6pm class.
Deathracer, good luck in your run! 50 miles – holy cow!

I haven’t been able to walk right since Sunday’s back extensions. This WOD wasn’t helping. Packed it in after 2 rounds. Went home, lit some scented candles and had a bubble bath.

Did this one at home…. 28:37 as rx’d.

14:43 as rx’d…..round 1 unbroken; short breaks in 2 and 3…..
Thanks Brett!

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