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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 round for time:

75 Back Extension

50 Deadlift

25 Handstand Push-ups (HSPU) 

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 195 and gals 135lbs for deadlift.  Post time to complete to comments.  

Compare to January 2, 2009

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Comments: 17

11:22 HSPU’s were modified

session with stacy and brett:
Front Squat 1 RM 160 pr, 165(F)
1000 m row 3:54 pr

6am class at CFC
Part A: 3 rounds for reps
1 min alt. lunges, 1 min alt. one-hand KBS (20kg), 1min DU’s, 1min rest
(45/37/53, 43/30/49, 36/29/42)
Part B: 4 round tabata
“short” box jump (18″), Pull-ups
(13/9, 18/12, 14/7, 13/7)
Alternating lunges = walking lunges on steroid…

8:50, HSPU were elevated, tried to get a 90′ angle, thought deadlifts would be faster….

13:55 with significant scaling.
115 lbs and modified HSPU from box.

14:28 with band assisted HSPUs

First 18 HSPUs I used a green and blue band, but I had to switch to green-green for the last 7. HSPUs easily took as long as the back extensions and deadlifts.

Box HSPU’s

Modified: 125# dl, 15# db should press for HSPU

7am CFC class
Part A
3 rounds for reps – 1 min alt. lunges,1 min alt. one-hand KBS (25lbs), 1min DU’s, 1min rest
Part B
4 round tabata smash
“short” box jump, black band assisted pull-ups

11:03 with band assisted HSPU
25 straight through with the band
back extensions straight throughg as well
therefore DL was the hard part for me

w/135#DL & negaive HSPU to an abmat.

9:26 135#DL, HSPU assisted 2 blue bands

My first “Fight Gone Bad”
242 as rx’d
What a lesson in…one minute can be so long and so short…

Neil 175 lb DL – 19:20
Judy 104 lb DL, 22 lb shoulder press in place of HSPU – 10:44

10:52 114 lb DL, HSPU blue and green (next time try 2 blues)

165#, 10 blue-blue, 15 green-blue assisted.

9:00 as Rx’d

better effort today but still a, somewhat, lackluster showing. Was finished DLs by 5:00 then did 9 HSPUs…thought I would be done in under 6 mins…after the 9 HSPUs I was doing doubles and singles…once the shoulders fatigue its tough to fight through…

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